Activist Mermaid Saves Drowning Cow From Doom

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It happened recently in Lechlade, Gloucestershire on Friday. While activist Lindsey Cole was swimming, she came across something while in the water. To her surprise, it was a drowning cow that fell in the water. Lindsey was swimming as a mermaid, to raise awareness for her cause. She was raising awareness about the environmental effects of single-use plastic.

It happened fast and caught both Lindsey and her mother off guard. Lindsey immediately made her way over towards the cow, while her mother called emergency services from her canoe. This canoe, was carrying a statue made from plastic resembling that of a mermaid. From what is known, the cow fell into the river from a nearby field while it was taking a drink. The area where this happened is around two miles from the Swinford toll bridge.

Lindsey Cole Cow saved

Since this incident, Lindsey is now known as the “urban mermaid”. When asked about the cow, Lindsey said at first…she thought it was a large sheet of white plastic left behind in the water. She soon realized it was a cow struggling to stay alive. She stated it had “four legs and was mooing”.

Cow saved United Kingdom

Both firefighters and rescue services arrived at the scene. They struggled but eventually managed to attach a large rope to the animal and then hoisted it to safety. One spokesperson mentioned that if anyone else is in a similar situation, they should contact 999 on their phone immediately.

Lindsay is passionate about her cause, the ‘Urban Mermaid’ launched back on November 2nd from Lechdale located in Gloucestershire. The swim stretches 200 miles, from Teddington in South London. The swim itself, will shapely resemble that of a mermaid’s tail.

Lindsey Cole Cow Rescue

Hopefully from all the media attention, her plastic pollution crusade…will raise more awareness to polluting the environment and what needs to be changed. Thirty five year old Lindsay, tries her best to collect what plastic she can from the wild and will do so on her long journey. The plastic statue seen in the photos was created from plastic bottles found.

Perhaps the next time Lindsay goes for a swim, she will look twice around her. You never know what might show up in the waters. This time, it was a cow that needed help and Lindsay was in the right place at the right time (to save the day) back on November 4th.

Lindsay has previously adventured across parts of Britain, walked through Australia and has even cycled through parts of South Africa. Artist Barbara de Moubray mans her support boat from time to time as well. What she is doing is great and has inspired others to help out.

(Source: BBC and The Sun)

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