Alien captured on video at graveyard

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Alien in graveyard

Perhaps one of the most compelling videos ever taken, captures an alien creature on camera. It appears to be in the evening or early morning, showing  an alien wandering through a graveyard. Where this is and when it happened isn’t known, however the video is quite interesting to watch.

Of course it can be fake, however it also hasn’t been ruled out completely either. Who actually uploaded this video isn’t known yet. This video made its way to the top of a countdown list on a YouTube channel by Unexplained Mysteries simply titled “5 Unexplained Creatures Caught On Tape”. The alien creature appears to have the typical oval shaped type head, which is often seen in drawings, photos and videos.

Alien in graveyard circled

This particular alien has long protruding arms, which makes it stand out some from the crowd of alien videos and drawings. More than likely, this is some sort of CGI effect which was done. Often questions arise regarding alien life existence. Maybe this is an actual alien encounter which was recorded by an onlooker. They do seem to keep calm over what they see and they camera. The video only seems to shake ever so slightly in certain moments.

It seems rather unusual when humans do interact with alien species. Several questions remain, including why this alien was seen and then recorded on video? Graveyards are where people are buried, as their remains are left behind—while their spirit moves onto in the next realm. Perhaps this alien was here examining how we deal with our fallen species on Earth.

This alien could be some sort of scout wandering through this location. The lighting seen in this video, appears to be coming from behind the alien creature—this sets up a nice backdrop. It is almost too good, which leaves room for suspicion about it.

One alarming thing is, how quickly people are to dismiss something such as this. It’s best to keep an open mind as you never know the real truth. The National UFO Reporting Center mentions, that back in 2014 an estimated 6,576 UFO sightings were reported about that year. This statistic may well climb as the sign of the times is already here.

Mars carving

Whatever these aliens are doing, they are a part something bigger in the universe. Earth has been visited for quite some time. Stone statues show carvings of different beings interacting with humans on Earth. These carvings have been found in various parts of of the world and even on Mars.

Hopefully soon more evidence of aliens will come forward as many are earning to know the truth of things once and for all.

(Source: Unexplained Mysteries)

(Skip to 2:55 on the video to watch)

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