Roadside alien captured on video at night

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A man only known as Jack, sent in a video to Third Phase of Moon and their YouTube channel. What was discovered, appears to be that of an alien life form—seen along the side of the road. The video footage taken was at night, along a dusty windy road. This location sets up a rather horrific science fiction type of a setting at night.

Drive by alien captured on camera wide angle

Third Phase of Moon, has a radio show series following paranormal happenings from around the world. The channel is led by twin brothers Blake and Brent Cousins. A number of things, like many paranormal incidents are questionable. However, the brothers seem to have knack for sniffing out anything and everything paranormal related.

Brent and Blake Cousins with Kevin Peterson

Where this video was taken is unknown, however the video is worth taking a second look at—as an extraterrestrial type entity, is clearly seen standing alongside the road. Whatever this thing is, it appears to be alien or possibly a ghostly spirit captured on a video drive-by from his ATV perspective.

The man named Jack in his interview, mentions that he was making his usual rounds checking on fences in the area. We can assume he is a security guard or caretaker of some sort, nearby this location where he lives. He mentions that he was making his rounds for approximately 45 minutes, before capturing this incredible encounter on video.

Drive by alien captured on camera

He then noticed movement, in the tall overgrown grass where the alien was spotted. Jack also said he got a chill up his spine, as something told him to get out of there as he was frightened. He then goes on mentioning he didn’t feel safe and there was no more reason for him to be out there.

Some believe this alien along the side of the road, is nothing more than a piece of oddly shaped wood. While this could be true, the defined cut out dimensions of it, lean more towards a humanoid type figure. Is this someone wearing a mask/suit like a small child? This is another possibility as well. But there is something rather eerie about this particular video, that sets it a part from others which have been seen.

The figure seen in the video, does resemble that of a grey alien. The skin tone is difficult to determine from the headlights and the saturation of coloration. This alien seems to have the typical dark eyes associated with grey aliens as well.

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