Demonic Force Controls Restless Christian During The Night

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It was late at night, when this person could no longer fall asleep. Something it seems was keeping them awake. A Reddit user shared their experience, mentioning when they were around 16-17 years old, they suddenly woke up and sensed that something was very wrong.

Whatever this was, it was in the room with them. This person was raised in a Christian household and their faith is quite strong. Their very first instinct was to pray…hoping to ward away whatever might be lingering within the shadows of their bedroom with them.

As they laid there, they felt a sudden wave of fear wash over them. Perhaps they were experiencing some kind of sleep paralysis, as they were unable to move any part of their body. It was as if they were completely frozen in place. When they attempted to call out for their parents, nothing came out of their mouth but silence. This person went on to explain that they felt extremely vulnerable and there was an eerie feeling in the air.

Demonic Force Controls Restless Christian During The Night

Thinking back years ago, they estimated this to have happened at around 3:30 AM when they attempted to roll over in bed trying to sleep. Their body it seems was paralyzed from head to toe for what seemed like forever. At one point, they felt their left arm slowly start moving. They weren’t controlling their arm, something else was. At first, their hand moved towards their face, then back down towards the base of their neck.

This is when things got even more weird, they began to choke them self with their own hand. They couldn’t stop, they couldn’t scream…all that was going through their mind was, “I am about to die right now.”

Being a Christian, they took a moment to pray to the Lord. Their best guess was, this was some kind of demonic force controlling them or possibly something was there with them. They continued to pray over and over again inside their mind. They prayed for the Lord to protect them from all of this evil.

About 30 seconds or so passed by, it felt like forever to them. They were able to finally breathe once again after being choked. Their speech returned, along with the control of their own body. They admitted that they were far too terrified to move, let alone leave their bed and wake their parents during the middle of the night.

Ever since they experienced this, they never sleep with their arms hanging off the bed. Now, they wrap their arms under the blankets tightly, so they aren’t exposed. Most certainly, this was one of the scariest yet bizarre things to ever happen to them in their life so far. They also posted on Reddit asking users for their opinion about this.

(Source: Reddit)

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