Ancient cell phone discovered in Austria

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What seems quite impossible is puzzling people. The discovery of technology from previous times are starting to become unearthed. Perhaps somewhere in a hidden vault are ancient artifacts which functioned as devices we use today. One of these stands out, it resembles that of a cell phone. It was discovered in the town of Strausburn, Austria.


Archaeologists conclude this is quite impressive especially for this period of time. The ancient cell phone is estimated to date back around 800 years ago. The phone itself appears to have Sumerian era numbers which are inscribed on the dial pad.

A message is also seen on what appears to be a screen of sorts. What is rather interesting is the comparison between that of a more modern day phone to the shape and size of the ancient one. With this strange device that resembles that of a cell phone, is it possible that a more advanced civilization once existed? This object from Austria, is also thought to be that of a clay model. Cuneiform writing is believed to be engraved upon the keys.


Extraterrestrial enthusiasts do sincerely believe this is another piece of evidence that points to ancient alien technology. Another theory which is believed is that aliens have once visited our planet and have given us certain technology which we still use to date. A number of people think this is evidence of time travelers who have mistakenly left this lost cell phone of sorts behind.

There is one odd thing about the cell phone which is that the cuneiform is believed to have originated between 3500-3000 c. During this era of time, the cuneiform writing was first developed by the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Their practices advanced writings until around 3200 c. The actual name comes from the Latin word cuneus which translates into “wedge”.

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Why was this discovered in this part of the world? Perhaps this climate and area was once different to an extreme degree. The area of Strausburn, Austria is rather small. It essentially is a village with just under 2,200 people living there. The idea of this is exciting as it further points to alien visitation, more evidence will begin showing itself sometime in the near future. At this point, it is ridiculous to not think other life forms are not out there and have not come to our world—to influence us in many different ways.

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