God Tells Woman To Pull Over, Moments Later Her Truck Bursts Into Flames, Her Bible Survives Fire

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Quite remarkably, a woman was driving down the road when she received a warning from God. Moments later, she pulled over alongside the road and then her truck burst into flames. Inside of her truck, was this woman’s Bible. The Bible survived the burning inferno of flames everywhere. 

Trina Carr Bible Truck Deer Park Texas

Trina Carr was shocked and thankful that things didn’t get worse thanks to a message from the almighty. The incident took place on March 8th in Deer Park, Texas. It was at Battleground Road where this happened. Immediately, Trina phoned the fire department and they arrived at this scene.

For whatever reason this tragedy happened, but Trina is lucky in some ways. It is quite incredible that her Bible didn’t get burned up with most of the vehicle. Even more amazing is, the Bible along with a notebook didn’t get destroyed. The Bible and notebook were laying on the dashboard inside. So, how did these not get burned up? 

Trina believes that some kind of divine intervention took place upon that day. She said, “This is nothing but divine intervention.” 

According to the Deer Park Fire Department, they dispatched help to arrive at the scene at Battleground Rd. When they arrived the dashboard was completely burned up and dissolved into ashes. Plastic was melted and the engine compartment was destroyed along with the passenger compartment. As seen in these photographs, the truck was burned to a crisp and no longer road worthy. 

From what the fire department described, this Bible was resting upon the dashboard. Only the back cover was damaged ever so slightly, with some water on the pages. When we learn about things such as this, it makes one wonder about the afterlife and what follows. Perhaps we all need to have more faith and understanding overall and compassion for one another. 

(Source: ABC 13)

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