German secret societies colonized Mars during the 1940’s

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What seems astounding is the thought of Germans establishing secret societies on Mars back in the 1940’s. It is suspected that these societies were powered and engineered with more technology that was known in the mainstream of society back then (and now). These people came together to further progress life on another planet with this platform suspected to have existed during the Second World War era.


There are claims that during this colonization, extraterrestrial fights took place with resident aliens who inhabited the planet of Mars. These areas consisted of large lava tubes, which flowed through different subterranean regions of the planet. This information was presented by Corey Goode, they are believed to be a whistle blower leaking information according to some sources.


Corey has been a part of MILAB and the Black Ops program for 20 years. Another fellow named David Wilcock has been investigating this story among others. He is an author and filmmaker. Both of these guys have reached the utmost conclusion. Alien visitation has been happening for many years and new technologies are on the rise.

With this previous secret covert mission on planet Mars—an established base was first placed on the Moon. After this first step, further missions took place traveling to Mars and then construction began. According to Goode, the technology was in place to cut travel time between the Moon and Mars down to a mere 2 hours. From this, they were able to advance faster and further. At some point they were able to travel between both locations in just a matter of minutes.


Adolf Hitler was both powerful and dangerous back during this time. The development of super weapons from high tech was rather limited. If the Germans had more during the war, it would have changed the final results and history as we know it would be completely different.

These salvaging and secret fights were all attempts in gaining more technology to get an advantage over the enemy. Corey Goode further explained that these secret German societies known as The Thule, Vril and Black Sun independently had weaponize d flying saucers for their war efforts.


All of these machines were hidden well within remote locations back on Earth. With this extraordinary advancement, he claims that anti gravity and space-time portals were established to travel between worlds. With the lightning storms that happen on Mars, they damaged their newfound electronic technology. It is believed that NASA space programs confirmed there are and even now tremendous lighting bursts which do occur during Mars dust storms.

Pressing forward, the Germans began to look elsewhere for a more sustainable area for a base to be constructed. During their discovery of the north and south regions, they stumbled upon something which would work better for them.

It is there they found these lava tubes which existed back on Mars yet were more than 10 times the size of lava tubes back on Earth. Eventually their bases would be located here. There is a fair amount of skepticism and rightfully so, these ideas are pretty far out there.

What Wilcock and Goode are doing is raising the awareness of paranormal activity happening around our world in abundance. There is so much high tech coming our way according to them it will blow our minds. The following video is them talking about various things alien and otherwise.

(Source: Exopolitics)

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