Archons are attached para-spiritual parasites

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What are known as Archons, are para-spiritual parasites and are entities believed to roam the lands of the Earth unexpectedly. These paranormal entities, are believed to attach themselves to our world, with an unknown energy of sorts, which fluctuates greatly among selected groups or certain individuals. These parasites have developed certain characteristics among them as well it seems.


It is believed that these paranormal parasites exist not just within our world, but countless others in the universe. They are extraterrestrial by nature and harness forces, that we simply do not fully understand. Compared to a poltergeist, they are responsible for some physical disturbances in the world as well. Some of these happenings, are fairly typical among different paranormal entities, which linger behind for some reason or another which we fully don’t understand yet.

Considered to be attachments to the world, they are not here by natural design. They are feeding off humanity and other living, breathing things. There is much speculation about these para-spiritual parasites and what their overall purpose is.

Like many things, the devil is in the details. These conscious alien beings, actually have personalities like humans do. Over time, they have become bitter sweet twisted entities of utter madness and mayhem.

As we move at a certain speed in our lives, these parasites are able to move well beyond it. Whether or not it is faster or even slower, we cannot physically see them per say. It is unclear, whether or not they manifest into a physical form of both flesh and blood. Some think, that they have shape without sizes and energies without any type of boundaries.

Archon and little girl

How intelligent these things are, is unknown but they may have thoughts and feelings to their interactions within the world. Their interaction with humanity, is quite limited but they can affect us in different ways. Why they continue to do these things, is unclear to us as we speculation further.

As most humans believe, everything happens for a reason or an action gets a reaction. From what is known, Archons need humans to both experience and act for them. We are quite like puppets and they are the puppet masters. How powerful they are, may alternate between them individually.

Each of them comparably may have their sense of will, thoughts, feelings and motives as well. People can only assume that they vary quite differently. Together, these things may unite to bring forth a greater power unto the world. Quite possibly, they might fend off others like a guardian protector.

An Archon is refered to as mere servant of the Demiurge, the “creator god”. They stood between both the human race and a transcendent God, that could only be reached through the knowledge of spiritual mysteries. This is also known as gnosis. What can all of this mean to humanity? Perhaps it is all part of the divine plan of things to come. Lets hope that whatever these parasites are doing, is more good than bad.

(Source: Paranormal horror)

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