Small ghostly spirit haunts Idaho park

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Located in Idaho, is a park. There have been reports and even alleged photographic evidence of spirits who wander here, during the late night hours. While the following image is rather eerie—it is dubious as something such as this can be faked fairly well.

However, there is a story about a girl who was murdered at Ammon Park, long ago. It is said, that her spirit frequently haunts the area at night. Numerous people, have reported seeing an apparition floating around different parts of the park. Some have said, the ghostly spirit seems to stand like they are frozen in place, before reaching her arms out in distress.

Mary the ghostly girl

This image was posted on Reddit initially. What was said, states that she will appear from around dusk until the late night hours. The image no doubt is quite creepy but the photograph is so good, it seems like a person is wearing a costume of sorts. Regardless of this, this gives someone an idea of how she may appear during the night.

From what is known, the little girls name is Mary. Her exact age is unknown, but it is assumed that she was under 10 years old. She was found hanging in a shed, at the park grounds. The latched shed door, reportedly opens from time to time on its own. One visitor, reported being locked in this shed by unseen hands with her friend, when they were young.

This ghostly legend, is also known as Blue Girl of Ammon Park. The town nearby here is Pocatello. The park itself, is quite small but also fairly typical. This location is known to be good place to raise a family and often people are seen walking their dogs, as children play around here. There are around 15,000 people who call Ammon home.

A number of visitors who wander through here, have reported seeing what appears to be a little girl wearing a blue dress swinging on the swings. As they approach her, the girl simply vanishes into thin air. Other reports include, people seeing a flash of blue near the swings as well. When they look again, there is nothing there but a moving empty swing.

Other sightings include Mary the blue girl, being seen near a particular tree in the park. She enjoys hiding behind it, playing hide and seek. Those who wander here, recall being watched by unseen eyes before, as they believe it is Mary. Another creepy thing is, people saying that they hear children laughing, yet nobody else was around. Perhaps it was Mary giggling with glee.

Those interested, can drive to the intersection of Homer Drive and Ammon St. in Pocatello, Idaho in Bannock Count next to route 15. It is here, where Mary’s spirit haunts the area of Ammon Park.

(Source: Reddit and Northwestern Ghosts and Hauntings)

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