Bewitched Plastic Bag Crosses Road As If It Were Alive

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This rather strange occurrence took place in Milan, Italy. It was there, when an eyewitness managed to capture this unusual plastic bag crossing the street. What is remarkable, is how the bag appears to move by itself across the road. It seemed to behave like it was alive or reanimated by something. 

Speculations are, this might have been some kind of spirit or other entity using this bag as a kind vessel. Surely seeing something like this in person, would be difficult to explain.

Plastic bag moves like it is alive

Did the wind merely blow just enough to give off an illusion of sorts? Or, was something else happening during this time? Perhaps even, there was someone puppeteering this bag with strings off camera. 

Anything is possible, such as the bag being later animated digitally. If it did manage to move like this on its own, then this is a remarkable video. Likely someone captured a rare paranormal occurrence.

What exactly happened has since remained a mystery. There are some things about this that are unique, such as the way the bag was lifted off from the ground and how the bag during some moments appeared to have actual legs as it moved.

Others believe that this is merely an illusion of sorts. The human brain can interpret things in such as way. We see that it was alive but it was just the way the wind manipulated the bag through the air. This made it look like it was alive to the human eye.

If some kind of spirit momentarily attached itself to this bag, then it may not have been evil per say. It may have been something good. Perhaps someone from the other side, who was merely trying to reach out back into the world in some way, that was here before. Other bizarre explanations include this bag being bewitched by someone or something. It is interesting to watch. 

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