Contactee says our Moon is Hollow and from another Galaxy

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According to what alien contactee Alex Collier said, the Lunar Moon is an artificial base of some kind. The Moon is believed to be a type of satellite and/or war-carrier. Allegedly, The Moon is 4.53 billion years old. It has a radius of 1,079 miles in size. However, were these statistics simply made up? Perhaps some kind of cover up about this, has been going on for years.

Image: Alex Collier alien contactee

Image: Alex Collier alien contactee

Alex, explained how he was abducted by alien beings coming from the Andromeda Galaxy. They are known as Moraney, from the constellation Zenetae. These aliens beamed world-changing history to Alex. This information, disputes the lies which have been spread in our history books. Some feel that everything that we know, is nothing more than a controlled series of lies.

Alex says, that The Moon in actuality is artificial and was first brought here from a far distant galaxy. The Moon is really a sort of interstellar transit ship, used to transport species along with their technology and supplies across the galaxy.

Andromeda Galaxy

When Alex learned about all of this, he explained how The Andromedans disclosed onto him, the ultimate deception taking place upon our very world. These lies continue each and every day, without any kind of consent or awareness made. Humanity it seems, has been left in the dark about what is happening in our Solar System. There are far more pressing matters at hand.

Our history is the biggest shock, as a secretive underground base resides on The Moon itself. From what he learned, The Moon was brought from the constellation Ursa Minor, which is 432 light years from Earth. Aboard this giant vessel includes reptilians along with human-reptilian hybrids.

The very first generation of human ancestors, were in actuality…hybrid descendants. Does this explain other theories such as The Lost City of Atlantis? The Moon not only reached our galaxy, but was dragged here by an asteroid believed to cross our galaxy once every 25,000 Earth years.

The mode of transport of the Moon, took place by being attached on the tail end of an asteroid. This very same asteroid, circles our part of the Galaxy every 25,156 linear years.

The Andromedans

Our Moon, once orbited the 17th planet of the Chowta star system, home of the Andromedans. According to what he said, the Moon is actually remnants of a 6.2 billion years-old cosmic vestige called Maldek. This long-forgotten war, was between the tyrannical Grey aliens of the Orion Empire.

Here are some Andromedan Moon Factoids:

1.) The metallic hollow sphere underneath is 9.1 billion years old, and the lunar rock/soil that comes from Chowta is 6.2 billion years old; rocks that make up the mountains and craters are artificial.

2.) The original entrances into the Moon were at both the North and South poles, Archimedes (near side), the Taurus Mountains (near side), and Jules Verne crater (far side); the New World Order has created many new openings.

3.) The reason why the Moon doesn’t rotate is because of weights that are placed at both poles which are magnetic in nature. There are 4 pyramids on the Moon, with 1 being at the far sides equator.

4.) The Moon has been inhabited periodically in its history for 1.8 million years, and was inhabited by 5 million military members of the Orion Group. The personnel consisted of a mixture of humans, reptilians and grays.

5.) The Moon originally contained 9 domed cities on both the visible and hidden sides that were destroyed 113,000 years ago during the Black League Wars. Initial destruction was caused by nuclear weapons. Continuous destruction occurred on the visible side of the Moon as it was being transported here by space debris (asteroid).

6.) Chowta originally contained 47 Moons, with our Moon being one of them. The Moon was 1 of 2 Moons that orbited Maldek, the other was Phobos.

7.) Any planetary body that is 29.3 miles in size and is exposed to a Sun, is capable of a gravity field, even if it is not rotating on its axis.

8.) Our Sun produces a highly penetrating radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum. This frequency is approximately a trillion cycles a second. This frequency is located between the lower portion of the infrared and radar band. It is this radiation from the Sun that causes gravity, not the planets rotation.

The entire thing is difficult to believe and one can only wonder why Alex was chosen to receive all of this new found information. Regardless, this makes for an exciting theory. Were we really genetically engineered by grey aliens and their reptilian rulers?

(Source: Alien Policy and Truth Control)

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