Two Thirds Of Americans Think There Is A UFO Cover-Up Conspiracy

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One poll conducted recently back in June, states that most Americans believe there is some kind of government conspiracy of sorts taking place, when it comes to alien life.

A company located in Washington, D.C. known as Gallup, Inc. has been conducting opinion polls since 1935. They interviewed a number of citizens recently around the country, including the District of Columbia. 

Two Thirds Of Americans Think There Is A UFO Cover-Up Conspiracy

When asked about alien life, existence and cover-ups. The majority of people said “yes” at 68% meanwhile the other 29% said “no”. There were in total 1,018 different people from various backgrounds who participated. Back in the year 1996, another poll was conducted and during this time 71% said there was some kind of alien cover-up taking place. 

The most recent survey stated that 86% of Americans have either heard or read about UFOs in general. Out of those people, there were only 16% who personally had some kind of experience or witnessed a UFO in the sky somewhere that was unexplained.

This latest statistic is notably higher than the previous responses made dating back to the year 1973. There were in total 5 different Gallup polls, which took place since the year 1996. When outright asked whether or not UFOs are just a figment of the imagination, 56% of the people said the sightings are genuine. 

The other 39% said otherwise. Interestingly enough, between 15% to 23% of those polled fell into no answer whatsoever. However, 5% of them were genuinely sincere with their answers on the subject of UFOs. 

Other data collected, demonstrates that 33% of the people believe the proverbial ET hypothesis, while 60% outright dismissed the possibility that UFOs could be connected to actual aliens. Overall, most Americans think the government is really hiding something in regards to UFOs according to the latest poll. 

Smaller percentages think there is a real secrecy to aliens and information about them. There seems to be a higher interest in aliens and UFOs, especially in recent years.

This includes fighter pilot footage, along with the new Area 52 raid taking place on September 20th. Whether or not people actually show up will be interesting for sure. Even the “mainstream media” has been getting in on the UFO and Alien phenomenon in recent years.

(Source: Coast to Coast AM)

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