Psychic sued after predicting woman would die soon

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In reversal of fortunes, a woman living in France believed that she was ready to die soon. Her fate was sealed it seemed, after having a conversation with an alleged psychic. They then told her, that she only had six more months left to live.

This woman, known as Magalie, phoned a psychic hot-line searching for answers. The conversation cost her around $25 dollars, as she expected to be matched up with a legitimate person having clairvoyant type abilities. Instead, she ended up with a swindler, trying to make a fast buck off of her.

psychic phone call gone wrong

The psychic said to Magalie, that she wouldn’t live on too much longer – predicting her death withing 6 months. As one can imagine, learning this kind of information would certainly affect how someone would lead their life and how they interact with others.

Regretfully, this psychic went on to say, that Magalie was misdiagnosed and that she wouldn’t live for much longer, due to a medical complication. It is unknown, just how much information was exchanged beyond what was said for the medical reading. Magalie surely was upset by the news.

The conversation lingered on for a while, as the supposed psychic told her, that she had critical heart complications. This clairvoyant went on to say, that she better “start seeing a better doctor.” Conflicted at first, Magalie then went to see another doctor for a second opinion. The doctor said, there was absolutely nothing wrong with her at this time. She had a healthy heart and was in fair good shape. The doctor gave her a clean bill of health sending her on her way.

Magalie thoughts haunted her so she decided to contact the same psychic again. The psychic told Magalie that her prediction is true and that the doctors she spoke with her both “incompetent.” Magalie was baffled by this positive prognosis of the second doctor whom she had seen. Insisting that the doctor was wrong the lady psychic declared the doctor was wrong and that Magalie should be worried.

brunette scared to death

Being so stressed out over all of this, Magalie went on to see a therapist, to help her deal with the tragic news of her life – knowing that she was about to die in the near future. Not knowing who to believe, Magalie listened as the therapist suggested she should sue this psychic – for all of the psychological pain caused by her rather horrible prediction.

This obviously was traumatizing for Magalie but she took the advise and pressed charges against her. The news was certainly unsettling especially being doomed to die but in hindsight there is a fair bit of irony in all of this as later Magalie will go to court because she did not actually die.

This psychic caused her so much emotional distress it ended up further complicating her life. Ironically enough, Magalie’s name has the word “LIE” in it. Who knows whether she is telling the truth or not. Sometimes these psychic phone centers record conversations legal or not. The case is now scheduled to be in court sometime in the latter part of November. Out of fairness to the psychic, they technically should be allowed a full six months to pass by, before the verdict could be determined. It is truly a strange series of circumstances for everyone involved.

We are all going to die leaving this world at some point in time. However, nobody wants this type of prediction by a stranger over the phone regardless of their abilities.

(Source: Coast to Coast and babe)

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