Paranormal activity happening at old Texas hotel

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The haunted Magnolia Hotel

In a hotel located in Seguin, it seems a rather strange occurrence happened. Fortunately, this was all captured by a surveillance video at The Magnolia Hotel. What seems like black mist, can be seen entering a room. This interesting yet bizarre moment, happened during the early hours of August 5th, 2017.

After this happened, a white vortex can be seen afterward. From what is known, the actual room is called the Campbell room. This room was named after James Campbell, who was one of the original Texas Rangers.

The building itself was constructed as a log cabin back in 1840 but looking at it now, one would never guess. Later, all of this was changed—as the cabin eventually became a three-room hotel sometime during 1844. An Indian raid shelter, was later added at this location as well out of fear.

Over the years, many different guests would spend the night here. Among them was a serial killer named Wilhelm Faust. Wilhelm Faust intended to kill his wife, but killed a girl instead. Stories continued to arise with the Magnolia Hotel. Some of them included apparitions which haunted the hotel itself. A number of television series have featured this location including the Travel Channel, PBS, Investigation Discovery, Ghost Adventures and more.

The haunted Magnolia Hotel history

Most of the time, older locations such as this, seem to have quite a bit of history behind them. With a serial killer having stayed there, this reckless and restless spirit may be trapped between the land of the living and the dead. It is difficult to comprehend ghostly spirits. Some think of them as simply a snapshot or moment frozen in place. The would be comparable to how a camera takes a photograph.

Cambell Room the Magnolia Hotel

Seen in the video far left, the first part of the video shows this black colored cloud of smokey mist—forming from left to right. Looking again at the cloud of gaseous smoke, it swarms across towards the part of the room where the camera has been placed.

Further examining the video, it seems an orb later appears. This orb moves from the bottom to the top of the camera frame, far left or right. (from the room perspective point) While it is difficult to spot, several more orbs are also seen far right. The Campbell Room, could be a vessel for spirits to channel through.

What part of the hotel this room is located, might be significant in some way or another. Fast forward another 10 minutes later and the white vortex spreads all across the room. Bringing in some kind of spiritual medium might prove to be worthwhile, as they might be able to communicate with these spirits in some way and bring forth some kind of answers.

(Source: KSAT ABC 12)

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