Actor and comedian Sinbad’s Shazaam! conspiracy

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Have the higher ups created a cover up after being caught? Something peculiar has been happening with an alleged conspiracy. While it is difficult to imagine, a large amount of people have recalled watching a movie that starred actor/comedian Sinbad. The film, was released back in 1994 and many people recall watching it. However, there is no listing of the film officially. This film is titled Shazaam! It was a goofball comedy type film, where Sinbad assists several young children as an incompetent genie granting them wishes.

Sinbad as Shazaam!

The conspiracy here goes deeper, websites such as Snopes, proclaim this movie as a fake including the cover which was created using WWE wrestler Chavo Guerrero’s body, with Sinbad’s face attached. This is ridiculous according to some people. Snopes points out, that no evidence of this movie actually existed.

Wrestler Chavo Guerrero body and Sinbad face

But miraculously, film footage has made its way around the internet. This entire conspiracy is referred to as The Mandela Effect. This theory, is the belief of there being several parallel universes that mirror one another. There may even be several versions of us living in other worlds. Sometimes things seem off and many people remember things happening or being entirely a different way. (More about the Mandela Effect can be read here)

One woman mentioned, that Sinbad’s memory has been wiped of this. Just like with other celebrities, their names are ever so slightly spelled differently. Perhaps all of this, is some kind of elaborate experiment. While watching Sinbad explain this, you can see fear behind his eyes and his emotional state of mind. In all reality, he is just confused about all of this as well.

While trying to find any evidence about this, on sites such as the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) there is no listed credit of him appearing in this film or any other promotional/press releases. However, there is credit listed from The Way Back Machine, a site that archives snapshots of websites back in time.

Sinbad credit Shazam 1994

The credit listed, appears to show Sinbad having appeared in “Shazam” spelled slightly differently. Indeed this is quite strange. One YouTuber documented this and recorded it with his camera. Mysteriously, since he posted his video, Sinbad’s credit has since been erased.

Millions of people seem to remember Sinbad being in this movie. Is it just a false memory? There are several aspects to all of this, where Sinbad is mistakenly confused as being a genie.

Kazaam and Shazaam!

It is difficult to belief all of this, but perhaps the memory of Shaq (Shaquille O’Neal) who formerly played in the NBA, is the cause for confusion. In this movie, titled Kazaam which was released back in 1996, Shaq portrays a genie, who must grant a child three different wishes. This may be source of confusion in all of this.

Something just feels off about this to many people. Why has this been covered up or changed? There must be some significant reason for all of this. Sinbad’s real name is David Adkins and he was asked about being in this movie. Sinbad has appeared in several other children movies during the 1990’s. All of this, still has people confused and viewers are still scratching their heads over it.

(Source: Snopes)

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