Creepy guy changes his masks and wigs

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Behind closed doors many things can happen. There is an underbelly of society that exists. These people, privately practice different rituals which would be deemed illegal or freakish to most people.

Every day, more people go missing and quietly the statistics are swept under the rug. These people are twisted with their fetishes and private practices. Sometimes these fetishes are only outlandish but there are other things that unfortunately happen.

Creepy Guy Changes Masks and Wigs

This video was uploaded on YouTube back in 2011 and has since garnered close to 30,000 views. Perhaps the most creepy thing about this video, is towards the ending. Most viewers have cringed, when this man or possibly woman giggles at the end. It is as if…they knew they had gotten away with something.

One commenter even said, that the giggles at the end made their heart stop. The person keeps their face masked nearly the entire time. In one moment, they duck down enough to keep their face hidden, while putting on yet another mask.

Creepy Guy kisses mask

Was this video made as some kind of joke? The creep factor about this is through the roof. During another moment, seen in the video this man takes the other mask and kisses it. Apparently there is a subculture known as “female masking”.

These people have remained behind closed doors for many years and until more recently – they have been making videos such as this. Relatively unheard of, this fetish revolves around the dedicated cross-dresser type communities. Male enthusiasts, don elaborate latex or silicone masks, along with bodysuits that come complete with breasts to become glamorous female alter-egos that they enjoy portraying in private.

Creepy Guy Masks and Wigs

With these sexual identities, people are involved with different meetings with one another often portraying themselves as another gender. These types of fetishes are acceptable in private settings. However, it is not acceptable to break the law or to intrude upon someone’s privacy.

Just like people who are afraid of clowns, there are some who are seriously frightened by people dressing up like this. They have the persona of a serial killer seen in some movies. Unlike transgender people, these “maskers” do not feel born as the wrong gender, it is there way of having fun.

These people, feel like they are escaping from their everyday lives and living out as another alternate character or ego. This sense of escapism provides them with a freedom that they need and crave. As long as they aren’t acting out violently, then most people don’t have a problem with it, even though this is quite bizarre.

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