Passengers Suspiciously Quarantined At JFK Airport

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When you land from a long flight, you expect to leave the plane as soon as possible. However, what if you were denied randomly and expected to stay put until the doctor said you were okay. This is exactly what happened recently, when an airplane was held hostage by the CDC. (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Allegedly, passengers on board Emirates flight 203 from Dubai to JFK, were held in a quarantine type of situation. On board the airplane, were around 100 passengers who reported being ill. In total, there were 549 people on board. Conspiracy surrounds these kinds of happenings. Did the crew and passengers come into contact with something from out of the ordinary?

Passengers Suspiciously Quarantined At JFK Airport

It is really weird and specifically these incidents are kept quite as much as possible. Those who fly often, certainly see all kinds of unusual things, even before boarding an airplane. When the flight arrived the passengers waited around for several hours in quarantine. Each passenger was then processed and examined.

The tests conducted are not known, but one would think they are standard procedure. From what is known, some of these passengers were later taken directly from the airplane to the hospital. What happened to them next is anyone’s best guess.

On the positive side, people can assume that they were given the clear and later released. From another perspective, perhaps they contracted some kind of illness along the way. Of those people who reported feeling sick, there were 10 who were sent on to the hospital for further testing.

What later happened to this people could involve different type scenarios. Did some of them quietly disappear?

Something about this is really strange. Out of all the passengers on the plane, many of them reported seeing dozens of people taken off the flight. This conflicts with the officially released report of there being only 10. So, what happened to the rest of them?

The symptoms these people were suffering from included coughing, headaches and fevers. Some of them even vomited. What caused them to do all of this? Were they in contact with something in the sky or was it something back in Dubai?

Emirates flight 203 from Dubai to JFK

After the CDC was finished with the examinations, they allowed some passengers to continue their travels. It is thought that this outbreak started in Mecca, when the plane stopped there. It was later learned, that it was a direct flight. Some of those on board the plane, were previously in Mecca which added to the confusion of everything.

Officials from the Emirates, along with the CDC all stated the sickness people experienced, was related to either the flu or a possible food poisoning situation.
A number of passengers were quoted as saying, that they were feeling sick before getting onto the airplane. When people are in an enclosed space together germs can quickly spread sometimes. This is magnified by more people being packed into a room together. Whether or not this is some kind of cover up, is another story. All of this seems suspicious and highly unusual. It makes one wonder what else is being covered up.

(Source: The Travel)

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