Former model destroys her face

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Her name is Hang Mioku, a former model. As an overly obsessive addiction, she started to inject black market silicone into her face trying to look more youthful. The outcome wasn’t exactly what she hoped for. At age 28, she started this process and eventually did severe damage to her natural face.

She is now 48 years old, her face drastically became swollen leaving it scarred and disfigured. Her face suffered such a dramatic transformation—that even her own parents no longer could recognize her. Children around her neighborhood teased her often. They refereed to her as “standing fan” because her face looks disproportionately larger than the rest of her body.

Hang Mioku

A Korean television station shared her story, after viewers watched…their hearts went out to her. They began offering her donations to help fix what had happened to her. This lengthy procedure involved around 10 operations which removed 60 grams of silicone, cooking oil and other foreign substances which had entered her skin. Another 200 grams of substances are planned to be removed from her neck area as well.

Unfortunately, after the procedure Hang Mioku will be permanently disfigured with scars which were caused by years of using injections. This former model admits she would love to have her old face back. This psychological disorder troubles a number of people each year. This is an extreme case example of a before and after result.

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