Wild conspiracy claims Michael Jackson is still alive

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This theory is a wild one indeed. Michael Jackson is believed to still be alive. We have been fed a lie by the media, in regards to his death. In actuality, Michael Jackson was cloned many years ago, after the infamous Pepsi commercial incident, when Michael’s head and hair were burned badly. Some believe that the accident was actually planned. Did this accident happen as the result of a publicity stunt gone wrong or perhaps another reason like an inside job?

Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial hair fire

On January 27, 1984, Jackson was seriously injured. More so than we were led to believe. Michael Jackson’s hair caught fire quickly while filming this Pepsi commercial. The King of Pop, suffered serious burns when pyrotechnics ignited his hair, leaving him heavily reliant on the painkillers. It was initially thought, this contributed to his untimely death years later.

It is believed to be the real Michael Jackson, who was injured during this time period. Although the public was shown Jackson after being burned, what we had seen, was a clone version of him. In ultimate secrecy, Jackson was switched with his clone.

Jackson was then taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre located in Los Angeles. During this time, Jackson was at the peak of his career. His album Thriller, gained huge acclaim by the end of 1982. Later, he would go on to win a record breaking eight Grammy awards in February.

Both Michael and his brothers, signed a $5 million dollar promotional deal with Pepsi previously. Pepsi paid Jackson $1.5 million in compensation. Michael then donated this to the Brotman Medical Centre, which helped treat him. Jackson was prescribed the painkiller Darvocet, it was banned later for its potentially harmful side-effects. He also was taking Flurazepam, for his pain which was later marketed as Dalmane.

Michael Jackson on stage

While Jackson’s appearance was always a controversial subject, now it is believed this was his clone all along. The reason he physically appeared so strangely, is because the clone version of him was breaking down. They had to keep “fixing” him. It also accounts for his rather strange behavior in certain moments. Some of these moments include, Michael bidding for the bones of the Elephant Man, a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber he slept in, dangling his alleged child over a balcony and other peculiar moments.

Dave Dave really is Michael Jackson

Known as Dave Dave, a friend of Michael Jackson…in actuality was him all along. Dave Dave also frequented Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in Los Olivos, California. Dave Dave is thought to be the real Jackson, as he has been burned rather severely. Michael has previously used theatrical makeup to disguise himself. Did he escape out of the spotlight as Dave Dave? It still remains a controversy.

Michael Jackson was in the music industry along with his brothers ‘The Jackson 5’ since he was 7 years old. Later, the band went on to sign with Motown Records, before he turned 11 years old. Growing up in the spotlight is difficult for children, he was surrounded by many adults early on and seemed to miss out on his early childhood development.

Perhaps this explains some of the reason, why he behaved the way he did. Whether or not Jackson is still alive is unknown, however he remains one of the most controversial entertainers in modern times. He will always be remembered one way or another.

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