Boy photographed next to television spectre

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When the television is turned off, someone can glance at their blank TV screen. What they might see, will either be their reflection or something else in the room. However, what if they see something else entirely?

This is what happened years ago, from a photograph taken of a young boy by his father or mother. Seen on the screen, appears to be some sort of spectre. This disembodied spirit’s head, appears to be upside down in the photograph. A ghostly spirit such as this, appears to be rather frightening from its appearance as seen.

Boy standing next to phantom reflection

After taking the photo and looking at it, the parents were shocked at what was seen in the photo. While this seems to be more ghostly by nature, it could also be some sort of demon transgressing through the television—using the TV as a portal of sorts. Further making this extraordinary, is that the television was turned off when the photo was taken.

Boy standing next to phantom reflection closeup

The face seen, is comparable to that of The Exorcist film. What makes this photograph rather interesting, is that fact someone would have to be quite close to the screen—in order for them to cast a reflection such as this.

From what is known, more photographs were taken and nothing else appeared quite like this photograph. The year this was taken isn’t known. However, there appears to be a VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) underneath the television. This would indicate the photo was taken between the years 1976-2002.

More than likely, this occurred sometime during the 1990’s. The parent who took the photo, apparently is a police officer and didn’t reveal any further details about this, out of fear of ridicule. Only the name Sean was mentioned. So, it is assumed that this is their name or one that was given for the article.

Jim from the site GhostStudy said they have received numerous pictures of faces appearing on television screens. But none of them are quite like this one. It is usual for its clarity and that the face appears to be upside down as well.

Boy standing next to spectre ghost in television

Jim goes on to say that ghost hunters would do well to include pictures of televisions while doing their home investigations. It isn’t clear just how a spirit can manipulate a television screen such as this but when paranormal activity occurs it can happen. There are an incredible amount of things people simply don’t understand. It is wise to keep ones eyes and ears open not dismissing the possibilities.

(Source: GhostStudy)

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