The Washington D.C. black cats of doom

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The origins of these superstitious paranormal sightings, date back for centuries. Those who have seen them, believe that something tragic may happen soon. These black cats, are believed to be some sort of harbingers of doom. For years, employees working at the US Capitol Building, have mentioned stories about them.

These black cats or ‘Dark Cats’ (DC) seem to appear just before a significant event happens. Those working in these locations, must keep a keen eye open, just encase this day may be their very last. Nobody working in the D.C. area, should have a faint heart. There is a hidden underbelly of things happening here, that are kept away from the public’s prying eyes.

Reports from numerous security guards and building workers, have led to different stories about these black cats of doom. It has become routine for them, to hear stories about these strange black cat creatures that appear on the property. The cats have become a part of Washington’s history it seems.

The Washington D.C. black cats

Appearing to resemble a stray cat at first, reports of them growing larger (comparable to a smaller lion) has been mentioned as well. These jet-black cats have a demonic type presence about them. When someone approaches one of these cats, their eyes seemingly change to a deep glowing stare, causing people to look away from such blinding illumination.

The security team in charge of operations, have unsuccessfully tried to rid the building of these foul creatures. Guards have open fired upon these animals, out of fear and panic without avail. These cats seem to simply vanish into thin air, as bullets pass through them. Upon playback of security footage, these cats don’t appear. It looks as if the guards were shooting at nothing at all. These cats may have some sort of cloaking ability as the stealth their way around between locations.

The Washington D.C. black cats of doom

The very first incident happened, after the US Capitol Building was completed back on September 18, 1793. The first cat was seen, several weeks thereafter. Consequently, any vermin lingering in the buildings corridors, were later removed by the cats. The following events have been associated with the black cats of doom. Cats were seen just before these moments in history:

  • The assassinations of both Lincoln and Garfield
  • Before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor
  • The death of ​Roosevelt
  • The shooting of Kennedy
  • The attempted murder of Ronald Reagan
  • The 9/11 World Trade Center disasters

Those living in the Washington D.C. area, will shrug off all of this as utter nonsense mostly. However, there are many people who believe that these black cats are a very real warning to all.

(Source: Real Unexplained Mysteries)

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