Restless spirit captured in mother and daughter selfie photo

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Mother and daughter ghost selfie photo

While a mother and daughter share a tender kiss together, a restless spirit appears in their selfie photo. The mother, as you might have guessed, was completely freaked out over the ghostly photo bomb. The family has since brought in a paranormal investigative team to scour their entire home.

As it turns out, this home was once used as a crematorium. How many spirits linger here is unknown, yet the one seen in the photograph is still unable to move into the afterlife. The spirit seems to be quite distinctive and isn’t very transparent either. The photo dates back to the year 2014 and has since circulated around online. It was first uploaded by a user named dvac23, on the social media site Reddit.

Restless ghost spirit in mother and daughter selfie photo

Further examining the photo, the alleged ghost has the left side of its face, somewhat protruding outwards. The ghostly entity seems to be a young girl wearing a dress with some sort of sash around her waist. Was her physical body burned here and her spirit was unable to move forward?

Mother and daughter ghost selfie photo background

The photo does raise some questions however. The camera angle, was conveniently cropped enough to setup a framed snapshot of the ghost in the background. This makes the photo rather suspicious. From what the original mentioned, both the mother and the daughter were the only ones at home during this time.

However, looking between both the mother and her young daughter, there appears to be someone sitting behind them. Could this be a second ghost? Either this, or someone else was there with then during this time.

The mother believes her home is haunted. It is unknown if the family is still living here since 2014. Most people would probably leave such a place, with this much paranormal activity happening. Maybe it was time for this family to simply move on. What would make this photo even creepier, would be if the mother and daughter were ghosts as well.

The mother researched the history of her home, learning that the crematorium was fully functional and operated for a number of years. She mentioned, that this place was truly her dream home. The family enjoyed living here—until learning about the history of the home and its haunting past. Now, perhaps the mother and daughter both sleep with the lights on, after this experience. Since the day this photo was taken, no update has been mentioned ever since.

(Source: Week in Weird and Kami)

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