UFO photo taken on Mars resembles alien spaceship

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UFO on Mars surface 2017

Seen on the planet Mars, is an unusual object. It almost appears to be that of some kind of alien spaceship. First discovered back in March of 2017, it has since garnered much attention recently.

The photo was taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover. The Rover (a car-sized robotic device) is used to explore Gale Crater on Mars as part of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission (MSL).

The UFO anomaly seen, appears to be sitting on Mar’s surface as if its parked there. This object whatever it may well be, has since stirred up speculation that the NASA Rover—inadvertently captured something quite special. Could this photograph be an accidental real alien life discovery made? Many hope so.

What is seen, captures the possibility of an extraterritorial life form of some kind. While dealing with any government agency, many things appear to be covered up or hidden. However, perhaps news of this discovery, will reveal more about alien life on planet Mars.

A number of skeptics have since given their explanations of what this object might be. Some are saying that this object may in actuality be of Earthly origin. One other theory about this mysterious object, is that it may just be a piece of a rover unit, which was left behind on planet Mars.

The location where this photograph is taken, corresponds to where the debris may have been located. Neither assumption about this has been ruled out just yet—as people await more answers about this UFO on Mars.

UFO on Mars surface 2017 long shot

Someone on the social media site Reddit (using the name Prosaic Origin) first posted the image. They also wrote: “Uh Nasa? UFO caught on Mars Rover mission? Is this real?”

After posting this, he received many more replies. One person said: “This looks like light glimmering off of a genuine spaceship on an alien planet in outer space.”

Another user commented by saying: “They forgot to Photo shop that one out. Love how skeptical the mods are.”

This isn’t the first time conspiracy theorists claimed images were taken by the Curiosity rover device on Mars mentioning alien life existence. Until we get more information, much of this is nothing but mere speculation at this point.

Many people desperately search for answers about extraterritorial life forms on nearby planets. Perhaps one day clear evidence will be presented. This however, is quite interesting as people search for answers about aliens and their existence. One this is for sure, whatever this is, it does resemble some kind of spacecraft.

(Source: Coast to Coast and Daily Mail)

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