Boy wakes up at his own funeral

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Kelvin Santos

Sometimes incredible discoveries happen just in the nick of time. What happened was nothing short of a miracle, as a young boy was pronounced dead by medical staff in Brazil. His name is Kelvin Santos and he was taken in for treatment for pneumonia at a hospital located in Belem, Brazil. The boy was struggling badly as doctors stated.

He was undergoing treatment for pneumonia and wasn’t able to recover, until something remarkable happened. His body was moved while inside a plastic bag, it was taken home by his family and preparations were then made for his funeral.

Afterward, Kelvin’s body laid out in an open coffin, relatives continued grieving and said their final goodbyes during the wake. It wasn’t until moments later, when Kelvin began sitting up from inside the coffin. Perhaps a higher power was listening to their prayers, as essentially Kelvin returned from the dead. The boy allegedly say up and spoke to his father saying “Daddy, can I have some water?”

newspaper clip Kelvin Santos

Everyone started freaking out and screaming as their tears of sorrow turned to tears of joy. Many people truly believe this is nothing short of a miracle. It was astonishing to witness, as the boy returned to the land of the living.

Kelvin Santos in hospital

Family and friends continued to burst out crying uncontrollably, as the boy then laid back down closed his eyes and then passed into the afterlife. Family members tried to frantically wake him. Kelvin essentially died once again. He was then rushed back to the hospital, it was there that the doctors examined him. It was thereby confirmed that Kelvin was in fact dead upon arrival.

With wishful thinking, the family decided to postpone the funeral for a while longer in hopes that Kelvin would miraculously wake up once again. This time however, it wasn’t going to happen.

Antonio believes his son may have been victim of malpractice, while others believe that the family could have actually witnessed something paranormal that happened. Perhaps Kelvin was transcending between worlds, and for only a moment he returned to ours for one final glimpse.

Kelvin’s father Antonio said: ‘They assured me that he really was dead and gave me no explanation for what we had just seen and heard.’

This was a rather cruel trick played by the fates, however there must be a reason why this happened and Kelvin Santos returned for only a short moment in time. Kelvin was only two years old.

(Source: Mostly Ghosts)

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