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men in black at door

These mysterious men have wandered through various moments in time, often to prevent human kind from discovering the truth of things. They are known as the men in black. Dubbed a close secret agency, they have been put in place, to keep people away from further discovering of the truth of various paranormal existences. Evidence has been essentially erased from the face of the Earth. Numerous witnesses have come forward, some of them many years later, trying to reveal things to the masses.

Before something such as this happens, these mysterious men (who are usually dressed in dark black attire) show up sometimes out of nowhere and cover up a scene by moving things, threatening individuals or even killing them. It is believed that these men in black, may even be part human and part alien.

Perhaps they are a part of a government experiment which has been setup in conjunction with an inner planetary alignment of sorts. For quite some time, people have been aware of alien life—but no complete conclusive evidence has truly been presented yet. There are many videos and reported encounters that are so incredible, they have people thinking about their legitimacy.

The men in black are believed to be hiding their true identities by concealing themselves from wearing dark suits and hats. Often they are described as having olive complexions with odd looking eyes sometimes reportedly glowing. Their speech is monotonous almost mechanical in sound. Reported encounters mention them having weird accents. Sometimes they have been seen in groups of three.

Perhaps they simply wanted to appear to be normal, but they stand out either with their actions or lack of words. There has been a claimed photo taken that shows a man in black standing along the side of the street.

man in black

It was taken back in the 1965 and the man in black apparently had an unmarked car which was black also. He simply stood out, in this neighborhood everyone knew one another, yet this strange man was there for some reason. It began to creep people out so several guys went to check on things and took a photo.

man in black photo

Timothy Beckley and Jim Moseley captured this photo at Jersey City and the man in black can clearly be seen standing. It is considered the closest evidence of a man in black captured on camera. Why and when he was there still remains unanswered. Perhaps he or it was trying to blend in plain sight and was watching someone or something.

After Beckley and Moseley circled the block the man was gone along with his car. It was as if they both vanished into thing air. This only fueled the controversy about this encounter even further. The actual photograph was examined and determined that no photo manipulation was done.

Several alleged encounters with the men in black have been reported by UFO researchers and enthusiasts. Often they were bullied or verbally abused to stop their research—as they were getting too close to the truth of things. There have been many encounters with them which have been reported. Make no mistake, do not underestimated them.

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