Bigfoot sighting in Vicksburg

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bigfoot in wildIt seems in rural Vicksburg, Mississippi a big foot sighting happened. Yet once again, no photography was taken. However, there seems to be a footprint left behind which measured 9 inches long. The city area population has around 24,000 people.

There are some remote spots surrounding this city. Across the world in such places as the Himalayas, there have been sightings as well. That part of the world is a very mountainous region; which includes the famous Mount Everest (which is the largest mountain on Earth).

These rather extreme climate conditions are much different, yet the yeti’s are roaming both areas. One of the first encounters happened back in November.

bigfootParanormal investigator David Childers desperately wanted to document any evidence of ghostly voices—which was reported in an abandoned playground in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Instead as he wandered around this location, there was a disturbance in the trees nearby. A rather large beast was seen staggering through the undergrowth.

David said: “I don’t know what it was, it was about 6 feet tall. And it just bolted off through the woods”. “There was definitely a shaggy coating to it, like a grayish-brown color. When it made the noise that spooked me, I looked over, and it looked like it stood up and bolted off”.

Back in September of this year, Peyton Lassiter was working on an air conditioning unit, he was around 400 yards from the same playground. He came across a footprint on the ground which baffled him. Being curious what this footprint actually was, he made a casting of the print. There was evidence of fingerprint-like ridges which he claims no animal like a bear could make. He said: “There are only two species that have that, humans and primates”.

Peyton noticed the vehicle Childers was driving, he decided to contact him after noticing the logo of the Delta Paranormal Project on it. After speaking with Childers, they were in agreement of seeing something very similar.

The famous Patterson video from the 1960’s:

GoPro dog captures Bigfoot on camera

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