Mother Wakes Up During The Night, To See A “Demonic Looking Face”

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It was both frightening and bedazzling, as one young mother woke up in the middle of the night to see what resembled to be a demon face. Angela Kelsay thought at first that she was merely dreaming. It turns out she wasn’t after hearing the door of her bedroom creak open. 

When she looked around, she noticed a face in the darkness. It looked demonic to her. She has seen movies such as Paranormal Activity before, but this was something else to contend with. This terrifying visitor seemed to want some kind of interaction with her. It is unknown why or if her residence is haunted. 

At first she explained it seemed like a dream but this was no dream, it was more of a nightmare. Angela said she has previously suffered from a ‘demon-related PTSD’. She wondered whether or not this was her son but it couldn’t be.

demonic looking face at night Angela Kelsay

This thing glowed in the dark and had a demonic green looking face. This face seemed to hover right inside of the room. It appeared out of nowhere she guessed. Angela was dumbstruck by this sinister looking face. This is what she had to say about it:

“I froze trying to figure out what the hell I was looking at,” she wrote. “Then silently it drifted a few feet closer. Our house is 120 years old. If you LOOK at the floors the wrong way they creak.”

“But this thing didn’t make a sound.”

“The demon grew closer and I knew the Lord had forsaken me,” she wrote. “I was on my own. I was weighing out if throat chops work on demons when suddenly it whispered… ‘Mommy?'”

“Oh. Sweet Baby Jesus in a manger. Oh, it was just my [son] Lennox, thank you Lord. But wait… why the heck was he glowing???”

“I flipped on the bedside light to reveal (apparently glow in dark!) Ninja Turtle shirt.”

It seems her imagination got the better of her. 

(Source: Unexplained Mysteries)

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