Ghost Photobombs Teenagers Selfie

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One study made by the Pew Research Center, mentioned that one-fifth of Americans believe they’ve seen a ghost. Comparably, each country is different, yet everyone knows what a ghostly spirit is. Around 72% percent of Americans, believe in some sort of afterlife. This is a large number and since this research was conducted, it may have changed ever so slightly.

Both psychologists and neuroscientists have studied paranormal activity over time. There are different theories about ghosts. Some think they are mere snapshots of a moment frozen in time. These spirits were not able to move on for whatever different reason. Perhaps they died tragically and haven’t ascended or descended yet.

Some things just can’t be explained. Let’s not forget that humans allegedly only use 10% of our brains, the rest of the tissue is there and also serves different purposes. Maybe only some people have tapped into seeing spirits and other paranormal phenomena. This would explain why clairvoyant type people, are more in tune with things like this.

Ghosts tend to provoke an emotional response from people. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. People even dream about ghosts. They might be a lost relative or friend trying to warn someone of pending danger ahead. There seems to be a reason for people seeing things like this. Maybe they are troubled and their mind is merely playing tricks upon them or maybe not.

Lauren Ghost Photo Oklahoma

A teenager named Lauren from Tulsa, Oklahoma was unaware that a ghostly entity was lingering just over her right shoulder, when this photo was snapped by her. When she was looking back at each photo she noticed this one stood out. The photo was first sent to the paranormal website Ghost Study to be further analyzed.

This is what her mother Karisa Saunders said, “My daughter Lauren went to stay the night at a new friend’s house in Berryhill, Oklahoma and took this self-picture. It was a front snap shot picture, no mirror or anything to reflect. It looks like a man’s face to the left and her friend was sitting on the bed to the right of the picture.

We are about to enlist the help of a medium, who is a distant relative to help explain this strange appearance in the picture. My daughter took this photo with a Galaxy III cell phone. It might be relevant to mention that three family members have passed away in the last year. Her grandfather being one that died last,” Saunders said to Jim Eaton of Ghost Study.

A face can be seen next to Lauren that seems out of the ordinary. Some think this photo is just a blurry glitch made by her camera phone. Anything is possible but it is an interesting photo regardless.

(Source: Unexplained)

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