The Grave of Mys

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Vasyugan Swamp

Known in Russia as “The Grave of Mys” this area is rather remote located in the Chainskiy district of the Tomsk region. What makes this particular location unusual is that people who come here report that they feel a sense of fear. Suddenly…they begin feeling sad and depressed as the area is covered with overgrown cedar trees.

These trees can reach heights upward of 120 feet or more. Because of this, the area is covered abnormally with vegetation everywhere. This creates a shading and a sense of darkness everywhere when normally it would be bright and sunny. This spot is basically a swamp.

Some Russian people claimed that their pulses would begin racing feeling either too slow or irregular heartbeat patterns happening to them. The wildlife that also resides here simply do not enter the area. The locals truly believe that this place is cursed somehow. They have reported seeing over time UFO activity in the skies above during the 1990’s.

Map of Russia

There have been different teams entering the area, these scientific teams reported depths upwards of 10 meters of iron ore deposits here. They documented that these mineral ore deposits produced both negative and positive charges.

One theory about this area is that it once was considered sacred land. Once believed to be occupied by the Kulaika culture. (The iron age consisting about the time of the 4th century during the BC era) This sanctuary of sorts created energy fields which would thereby affect both the physical and mental state of someone. People living in this region also think that this spot was a dump area for a Siberian chemical plant since it is a swamp-like area.

Vasyugan River

One local man named Troitsky remembers back in the 1950’s as a boy he followed a cow as he worked as a Sheppard at a farm. This cow was unusually cold to the touch and simply didn’t move initially. Troitsky recalled that the cow felt rubbish before fleeing back towards the village area across the roadway. He thought it was actually dead, but it was in a catatonic state.

A number of eyewitnesses claim to have seen an explosion which lighted up the sky. It was given the name of “Tomsk car”. This strange object was bright and appeared to crash upon the area of the swamp. Whatever actually happened here is still unclear overall, but there is something either paranormal or perhaps toxic which tainted The Grave of Mys.

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