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Russian nightclub party girl sees aliens

Russian nightclub party goers see glowing alien eyes

Where this bizarre scene happened, was located in Russia and a YouTube video was posted about this, back in 2013. From what is known, footage shows a nightclub located somewhere in a metropolitan area....

alien in the Switzerland snow

Secret alien footage found from the dark web

While searching through the dark web, an alleged video was found. The information about this is rather limited, but it seems that some sort of extraterrestrial was discovered and a recording was made. Seen...

Future existence aliens are robots

Aliens are immortal robots billions of years old

With much speculation, Susan Schneider from the University of Connecticut and the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton said that in actuality, aliens will not be first met as organic type living things, but...

Alien DNA in humans

You may have alien DNA

In the history of the world, there is still much which is unexplained. Perhaps one of the most puzzling questions, still has scientists baffled. With science, humans have learned there are four different blood...