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Ex-Official Says 5 Million Extraterrestrials Already Live Among Us

According to statements given by former government UFO expert James Kune, there are 5 million aliens living among us. In the search for extraterrestrial life, we may not need to look further than the person sitting or standing adjacent to us.  Quite a thought provoking thought but even your spouse or other loved ones could

1978 Footage Shows Baby Alien Fetus Inside Of Glass Jar

Perhaps this footage is completely fake or an elaborate cover up of sorts. Either way, this short clip…shows what appears to be an alien fetus inside of a glass jar. Experimentation is something many have suspected for years. Could there be remote underground laboratories that exist? Most likely, they would have specimens from previous alien

Questionable Alien Videotaped In Oregon Forest

This footage allegedly shows what resembles an alien entity on camera. The video was posted on YouTube back on August 16, 2011. Whatever this was, it had glowing eyes and a humanoid type shape. It is unknown what time of night it was, when this was recorded. The man who recorded this, mentioned they live

UFO Recorded During International Space Station Mission

For quite some time, there has been a suspicion that aliens have been visiting our planet for decades. A video believed to be authentic, seems to show a UFO by the International Space Station. Did the UFO dock here and possibly help something happening? Speculations have run wild about this video, since it was released

President Obama’s Alien Reptilian Shape-shifting Bodyguard Controversy

Ever since this was shared years ago, people have wondered what the heck was going on. There appears to be a bodyguard who resembles that of an alien shape-shifter. Some people believe, that this bodyguard suffered a malfunction that was captured on video. He seemingly appears to be shifting, during certain moments – while then