Some Children Are Psychically Connected With The Dead

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It has been said that children have no fear when it comes to things they don’t understand. This holds true for when they come across those who are no longer here, in a physical sense anyway. Often it is thought that children are able to see manifestations, like apparitions where they tread.   

Why is this and why do some children seem to tune in to everything around them? Some think that a small percentage of children, are actually able to interact with disturbed souls that continue to linger here upon the world. These apparitions might be considered an earthbound spirit (a soul who has died but not crossed over yet). 

Little girl and the ghosts

Around various places, some young children it seems (along with some animals) are able to find spirits lurking near where they are. When a child seems to be reaching for something in the air and nothing else seems to be there, they may actually be trying to touch some kind of ghostly spirit. 

These phantoms or spirits possibly might have a psychic connection with a child. Perhaps since the child is newer to the world and this person has departed recently, they share some kind of spiritual force together.

Everything that living people know of about the afterlife, is speculation until we ourselves leave this world behind. Children among other younger people, have spoken about their experiences in seeing and even speaking with ghosts and possibly other entities. 

Incredibly, some of their accounts are so remarkable, that even grown ups around them are shocked and convinced they are tapping into something altogether, whatever that might be. While they at first were skeptical, now they believe something else is happening.

Is it possible that apparitions have a sense of intelligence? Also, are they really able to communicate with humans? Perhaps they seek out children because their souls are more pure. They have not yet been tainted by our world and the ways of it. 

The possibility exists that they are communicating with deceased relatives, some of which they have never met before. Maybe these apparitions were lost friends of the family or someone else while they were still alive.

When a child has been shown a picture of a loved one, they might react a certain way to their likeness. These children may even try to mumble their name and correctly identify them. Most of the time, these entities have been described as being someone close to the family in some way. Perhaps these spirits could even be guardian angels. 

Whoever or whatever these things are, they are affecting a select number of children, as they are able to communicate with them. As time passes, perhaps more will be learned about these kind of psychic links with the dead.

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