National Geographic Photographer Encounters Underwater Aliens

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One man named Luis Lamar who works for National Geographic and Ocean X encounters what appeared to him as stingrays with some humanoid-like features. A clip was recorded lasting around one minute long and remarkably Lamar confessed to seeing these alien beings. Notably, there hasn’t been a clear photograph or video showing these underwater alien creatures yet. If this exists, then it has been kept hush hush so far.  


After all, humans have only explored only a small fraction of the vast oceans of the world. Trying to assimilate a team along with the funding and equipment is quite an undertaking indeed. Deep-sea exploration is typically used for commercial and scientific purposes, there are many species of fish and coral that are both beautiful and some of them deadly to humans. Who knows what else might be lurking deep below.

While humans have explored and studied the ocean with submersible diving machines they have gone to the depths of the Mariana Trench which is nearly 1,000 times more pressure than up on the surface that we know. To date, there have only been 3 people who have ever gone this far into the ocean. One of them is legendary film director James Cameron. 

Image: Luis Lamar

When Lamar was asked about his encounter this is what he said, “I think, in the ocean, I have come across potentially beings from another heavenly body that are more highly advanced than humans. I’ve seen giant deep sea arachnids, venomous sea snakes far offshore with bright-yellow heads.” He also commented, “Sharks in frenzy, Orcas swarming all around me,” he continued. “Some sort of, you know, hyper-advanced aquatic alien creatures inhabiting the shallow waters, which almost look like stingrays.”

Typically when someone sees something unusual such as this (in the sky) it is known as a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). This kind of applies to Lamar’s sighting underwater and the only known snapshot isn’t a great one but there does appear to be some kind of fish protrusion or hand sticking out as seen in this photograph below.


On Lamar’s website, it was mentioned: “has sent robotic camera systems into one of the deepest ocean trenches on earth & he has logged hundreds of hours in crewed submarines, including on five expeditions with the U.S. Navy’s deepest-diving manned research submersible ALVIN, diving beyond 12,000 feet deep in the abyss to photograph environments at the edges of the ocean frontier.”

The United States Navy, have also previously mentioned in reports dating back to January of 2019 –  that the United States Nuclear Submarines have come across what are known as Unidentified Submerged Objects (USO’s). One report that was released by the War Zone, does detail encounters of the US Navy personnel with these Unidentified Submerged Objects. 

Incredibly, in 2018 a shipwreck explorer and star of Discovery Channel’s documentary series “Cooper’s Treasure,” Darrel Miklos, discovered the crashed remains of an Alien spaceship inside the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Using maps drawn by former NASA Astronaut Gordon Cooper to identify magnetic anomalies, Miklos has been hunting for shipwrecks in the Caribbean.

It was revealed that during one particular dive in the Bahamas, the Discovery Channel explorer came across a massive unidentified submerged object. Speaking to Daily Mail, Miklos revealed: “It was a formation unlike anything I’ve ever seen related to shipwreck material, it was too big for that.”


This makes one wonder whether or not these were sunken alien spaceships. They possibly were submerged deep down below all this time, away from the eyes of mankind for all this time until now or at least that is the theory anyway. 

Luis Lamar is regarded as one of the very best in his profession as he has spent a considerable amount of time exploring and recording underwater footage for years. His encounter is an interesting one and makes one wonder what really happened. Was this merely some kind of new species of aqua life? Or, was it something else like from another world that crashed down into our oceans? There are many questions about all of this. 

Source: curiousmos

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