Small Town Neighbors Believe They Were Abducted By Aliens At Night

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For one family, some strange occurrences happened over the course of a night. They live in an undisclosed small town. While the father was an over the road truck driver, they were not around much either. 

The mother more or less raised both their little brother and sister. Upon one dark night, the mother was suddenly awakened to a bright light of sorts. This light peered through her bedroom window. Initially, she thought someone parked their car with their headlights pointing in the direction of the bedroom window. 

Concerned that something else might have been going on, her first instinct was to check up on the children. The light now seemed to extend across other parts of the house.

The children were all fine except the younger brother who at the time was only 3 years old. Relieved, she then noticed that her 3 year old was in the laundry room. He was opening the back door which led to their backyard. When the child opened the door, a brilliant beam of light began to shine inside. 

alien abduction small town

At first all of this seemed like some kind of vivid dream. The mother’s eyes then laid upon a dark portion of her bedroom. It was there when she gazed upon a small dark figure at the foot of her bed. When she moved now sitting upright, she looked over to see this figure scamper off into the darkness inside of their home. 

All of it didn’t make sense at first and she thought this was nothing more than some kind of dream. The very next day, she began to hang up laundry outside and talked with her next door neighbor. The lady next door then asked her, “Did you all have a party late last night?” 

The mother explained “No, we did not”. Then she asked “Why?” 

The neighbor then mentioned that both her along with her husband were having a disagreement the day before and she decided to sleep in her son’s room. It was then she realized something strange had happened. At around 3:00 AM the neighbor explained she was awakened by a bright beam of light coming from their house. 

Years later, the eldest son now owns the home with children of their own. This same home overlooks the towns cemetery from afar. One night after coming home, they were carrying their youngest son into the house. 

At first, the child was asleep until he all of a sudden started kicking, wailing and screaming. Then the child pointed towards the direction of where the graveyard was. The child said, “Daddy, get inside, they’re coming after us. They’re going to take us. The green skeleton men are going to take us.”

The father then started to freak out a bit as they turned to see if anything was actually there. His son still begins to cry and act hysterical. The child wanted him to lock everything up such as the door and shades.

Now, the child simply refused to let them go out and get the groceries from the car. It was quite a bizarre moment to say the least. Later in the same week, their child starts acting up again. This time it was around 2:00 AM in the morning. He was crying and yelling again calling out for his father. When the father rushed into his room, he begged his father to not let them take them again. 

The father thought this son was having a recurring nightmare of sorts. He then asked where “they” were trying to take him. The son replied, “Where the bad power rangers are.” The father asked where these bad power rangers are and this son replied, “A spaceship”. 

Perplexed, the father wondered whether or not all of this was the imagination of a young child. He couldn’t help but this all of this was connected in some way. Even worse, was the feeling that he couldn’t protect his child from such danger. Perhaps his son was trying to rationalize a real traumatic event that took place. 

In recent times, the father ended up starting a podcast talking about such topics with listeners calling in with their personal stories. This is when his heart sank in just a bit. One of the listeners sent him an email who witnessed the light over their home on that same night and this is what it said: 

“The incident involving AJ and I went like this. I know it was the early 90’s because I was in my 70’s Chevelle. Somewhere between St Mary’s church and where our shop is now, I was driving us home around 9:00 at night, no other traffic anywhere. 

Shortly before the highway curves left the most intense bright white light appeared out of nowhere, it was like a flashlight being held against my eyes. Oddly enough as blinding as it was I could make out the outline of what I assumed was a man about my height. First instinct was to jam on the brakes. 

As soon as I did the light was gone. The car had died and all lights inside and outside were not functioning. After a few seconds the lights came on and the car started again.

AJ wouldn’t even answer me when I asked him what we hit, no damage and I couldn’t find anything anywhere. I drove to mom and dads and AJ begged me not to get out of the car, he never mentioned it on the highway but now insisted I stay in the car. 

I went in and got mom and told her everything, she went to talk to AJ and he told the same story but refused to exit the car. He told her whatever we saw was still hiding under the car somewhere. My wife’s question was, “Did this happen around the same time as the lights at your mom’s house?”

The encounter took place about a mile or so away from their home. Quite possibly, at the same time where the lights engulfed the entire home. So, after all of this.

It got them thinking whether or not an abduction took place even multiple times, as they wondered why them and their family? Why did this happen in their small town? It has yet to be explained but the assumption is, this was an alien abduction of some kind.

(Source: Reddit)

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