Aliens Have Been Seen in the Earth’s Core Before the Renaissance

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We hear stories all the time about people going missing to never return again. Perhaps there is a reason for this. Maybe they were taken below the surface underground where alien life may well exist. There are many unexplained occurrences that still baffle people today.

If you’ve ever tried to find the truth about UFOs and aliens, you’ve likely come across at least one theory that humans are not alone in our own solar system. The most popular of these theories is that intelligent life forms exist on one or more planets within our galaxy. But another theory suggests that aliens may not be so far away after all: They could actually be right below our feet. That’s right—aliens don’t just live on other planets; they live inside this planet, too!

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UFOs and Aliens Have Been Seen in the Earth’s Core Since Before the Renaissance

The idea that UFOs and aliens could come from inside the Earth has been around since before the Renaissance. The author of a series of short stories published in Amazing Stories magazine, Richard Shaver, described an underground race of “deros” (detrimental robots) who lived in caves beneath Mount Shasta in northern California. The deros had created our civilization as an experiment to see if they could create intelligent life on other planets than their own and ruled over humans with an iron fist; anyone who befriended a dero was doomed to be transformed into one himself.

Writer Richard Sharpe Shaver Introduced Underground Aliens to the World in the 1940’s

Richard Sager’s stories were so compelling and so popular that they were turned into comics as well as radio dramas starring Orson Welles and Raymond Edward Johnson on his show “Lights Out.”

Richard Sharpe Shaver, an American writer and editor, is the man who introduced the world to underground aliens. In the 1940s, Shaver began writing about what he called “the Deros” (short for “detrimental robots”) in a series of articles for Amazing Stories magazine.

According to Shaver’s writings, these creatures were a race of beings that lived inside our planet’s core and had been there since long before humans evolved on Earth. They lived in caves and tunnels deep within our planet where they had built cities full of machines—he called them “cavern cities”—that could produce any material or substance imaginable by simply asking for it with their minds.

Edmund Halley, of Halley’s Comet Fame, Believed in a Hollow Earth Filled With Aliens

Edmund Halley, of Halley’s Comet fame, believed in a hollow earth filled with aliens. Halley was born in 1656 and died in 1742. He was a British astronomer, mathematician and geophysicist who made many important contributions to science. He also discovered that comets follow elliptical orbits around the Sun.

But he didn’t stop there! In his book A Philosophical Essay Concerning the Cause and Nature of Earthquakes (1693), Halley proposed that earthquakes were caused by “molten matter” moving up from within the Earth to its surface. He even suggested that this molten material might be responsible for volcanoes too! And here we are today talking about UFOs coming from inside our planet…

The Earth’s core is the hottest part of the planet. The innermost layer of the Earth, it is made up of molten iron and nickel. It’s so hot that it can sustain temperatures upwards of 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. To put that in perspective: That’s hotter than a volcano or lava lamp!

The core is about 6,000 miles below our feet—almost as far down as we could drill on land (more than 7 miles) and still be within the earth’s crust. This depth means that no one will ever see it with their own eyes—due to how dense and hot this section of our planet is, humans would not survive there anyway.

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Can Humanity Prove That Alien Life Exists Below Ground?

It’s hard to prove that aliens exist below ground. You can’t prove that everyone who believes in aliens is crazy, but you can’t be sure that every person who believes in them is right either. It’s possible for people to believe in something just because they want it to be true, and if there are no facts about it, then why should anyone take what they say seriously?

There are a few ways we could possibly prove the existence of underground aliens. One method would be by finding an entrance into their world and exploring it ourselves with cameras and other tools while looking for evidence of life (and death). Another way would be by sending someone down there without any equipment at all; if he survives long enough to tell his tale then we’d know he was telling us something real instead of making up stories because he was bored or wanted attention from others as proof that all those times when he’d said “I’m going out,” meant something more than just going out into nature alone without telling anyone else where exactly he might go before returning home safely two days later having survived whatever dangers were present during his trip!

Humans have many theories about what exists below our feet.

The surface of the earth is a mystery. It’s been explored by humans for thousands of years, but we still don’t know everything about it. For example, scientists have discovered microbes that live in extreme levels of heat and cold. We also know there are tunnels under the surface, like lava tubes and caves. Scientists have found fire-breathing dragons at those levels too!

So what is down there? What could be lurking deep beneath our feet?

The truth may be out there, but it’s not likely to be found below our feet. Many people have different ideas about what is going on in the Earth’s core, but none of them are supported by any evidence. There are no traces of life from ancient civilizations or alien races that would support these theories, and it seems unlikely that life could exist under such extreme conditions. We may never know for sure what lies at the center of our planet, but hopefully this article has helped you better understand some of the possibilities!

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