Extraterrestrial Beings Spotted Atop Large Rock In Italy

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Seen in these photographs are what appears to be several figures on top of a large rock at Chiesa in Valmalenco, Italy. Allegedly, these photos are for real and were posted by the UFOmania channel YouTube channel. 

The photos were taken back during 10/10/2011. While there is limited information about the origins of this, one man from the area named Dário Giacoletto was out for a walk, when he looked up to notice these humanoid-like entities standing atop of a large rock. 

At first, he thought these were two people who had climbed up to get a great view of the area. It is understood that this location isn’t the easiest to climb, making it quite treacherous. Reacting to this, Dário decided to take out his mobile phone and snapped a few photographs of these extraterrestrial beings. Needless to say, it is odd he didn’t record any video of them. But if anyone were in a moment such as this, they would likely panic or be overwhelmed quickly not knowing what to do.

Image: Tales from out there

In these photographs, the extraterrestrials almost appear to be like a father or mother with their young child – as one of them is noticeably shorter in height. Dário then politely waved at them from where he was as they thought they were a father with his son. There was no reaction by either of them. As Dário approached closer, he then noticed one of these extraterrestrial beings appearing to grow taller. It is assumed that it was the shorter one. 

At some point after this, a strange bluish beam of light manifests over top of them where they stood. After this, the extraterrestrials then seemingly vanished into thin air and faded away. The very next day, local residents then reported seeing black colored helicopters flying all around the area along with black vans driving around the foothills of the mountainside. 

The people who were seen were dressed in black as well and it is unknown if Dário attempted to speak with any of them. Although from what is understood he was not detained or taken away for further questioning. 

extraterrestrials in Chiesa Valmalenco, Italy
Image: Tales from out there

Oddly, Dário was told later by someone (he consulted with) that the photographs were just an unusual weather phenomenon that occurred. It does seem strange they were told such a thing considering how bizarre the subjects appear in these photos. Was this person some kind of government operative? One can only wonder. 

Chiesa in Valmalenco is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Sondrio, Lombardy, located about 100 kilometers (62 mi) northeast of Milan and about 11 kilometers (7 mi) north of Sondrio, on the border with Switzerland.1 It is the most important village of the Valmalenco valley (a lateral valley of Valtellina). The ski resort Valmalenco – Alpe Palù has 21.3 km of slopes available for skiing and snowboarding with 9 lifts situated between elevations of 1,527 and 2,353 m.

While there are many questionable things about this, there are many out there who believe that cover ups regarding paranormal activity happen more often than not. There are unexplained events that occur which makes one wonder whether they are real or not. However, it is strange that we haven’t been presented with definitive evidence yet regarding extraterrestrial life. Many of these photographs and videos are of low quality. Someone out there must have an answer or evidence about all of this. We eagerly await the truth of things.

Source: Tales from out there

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