Mother Forces Crucifix Down ‘Possessed’ Daughters Throat Killing Her

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A 49 year old woman named Juanita Gomez, did the unthinkable back in 2016. She killed her then 33-year-old daughter Geneva Gomez in a horrific way. First, she beat her daughter up, then she shoved a crucifix down her throat, killing her.

Mother Forces Crucifix Down Possessed Daughters Throat Killing Her

When police officers arrived on the scene, it was like something from out of a horror movie. Geneva Gomez was positioned with her arms out like a crucifixion. While she laid on the bed, she had a large sized cross shoved down her throat and there was blood everywhere. Police also documented the severe bruising on Juanita’s hands, after she pummeled her daughter to death.

Juanita Gomez justified her reason for doing this. According to her, Geneva was possessed by “The Devil”. She needed to be set free and her mother used this crucifix, to rid away any demonic spirits that might be lingering behind. Juanita Gomez punched her daughter repeatedly to “rid Satan from her body”, according to court records.

Apparently, another religious object was used before the crucifix was shoved down her daughter’s mouth. It was a religious medallion of some kind. Oklahoma City Police arrested Juanita Gomez after Geneva Gomez’s ex-boyfriend, Francisco Merlos, later discovered his former girlfriends body. He said that you couldn’t even recognize her face from the killing. “Blood was visible, and she had suffered severe trauma around both her head and face,” according to court documents obtained by KFOR.

Daughter Geneva ended her relationship with Francisco the week before. He explained that he was on his way back to reconcile with Geneva, then discovered she had been killed. Francisco explained that Geneva’s mother accused him of theft and later persuaded her daughter to end their relationship. Francisco also said, that he hugged his girlfriend and later apologized for what had happened between them, while she was still alive.  

While Juanita Gomez was held for arraignment, she didn’t make any mention about her daughter yet she did decline the judge’s offer to appoint an attorney to represent her. Juanita then complained about not having any toilet paper where she was being held. According to Oklahoma City’s KWTV, Juanita then said, “I had to use that plastic from the food they give me to…wipe my bottom.”

While this incident happened three years ago, it is unknown whether or not mother Juanita reached some kind of plea deal for her daughter’s death. There were no court records listing her attorney for the next court appearance. It is a great tragedy that someone lost their life over.

What kind of person would ever do this? Clearly, this mother had some mental health issues…to do something like this to their own flesh and blood. Now, she will answer for her sins in the afterlife.

(Source: Huffington Post and The Washington Post)

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