Missouri Man Crosses Paths With Alleged Alien Sisters

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An encounter took place back in the year 1992, that changed one man’s life forever. One researcher and author from Northwest Missouri State University named Jason Offutt, documented a rather bizarre incident which occurred. He later posted this story on his personal blog on May 20th, 2008.

When Scott Palmer’s family decided to move, they went far from Chicago to Marceline, Missouri. This place has a population of around 2,200 people and it seems many have since left the area over time, making the place even more scarce.

About 11 years had passed and now Scott was 21 years old back during the year 1992. One day would change him forever it seems. After temporarily living with his sister Stephanie, both he and his friend eventually found a place to share rent.

Scott and his friend were looking around for a place to party. But before this happened, Scott and his buddy took notice of Stephanie’s roommate. 

This girl was alluring, she had blonde hair and blue eyes. Her skin was pale and Scott said he took a liking to her. She was fit and stood around 5’8”. Her frame was muscular and to him, she was built like a gymnast.

The girl was also well spoken and seemed intelligent. She however was kind of shy. Scott couldn’t resist the allure of her, yet there was something kind of strange about her as well. He couldn’t quite figure out what it was yet. 

Things quickly progressed between Scott and this girl. They even began a sexual relationship with one another. However, the girl didn’t know what to do. 

Each time he struck up a conversation about popular topics, she seemed to not understand any references. It was as if she had been living under a rock for many years. As his relationship progressed with her, she seemed to become stranger. Scott didn’t care, he was still interested in her and wanted things to work out between them.

Blonde alien from outer space

To his surprise, Scott learned that the girl had a boyfriend. His hair was much like hers, very blonde and he also seemed kind of off. This guy never was aggressive towards Scott. The girl’s boyfriend had to know there was something going on between Scott and her. This guy was non responsive, he clearly didn’t give a damn. 

One day while Scott was still living there, this girl’s sister came over, he had no idea that she even had a sister. Incredibly, she looked just like her. They were like twins, only they weren’t. Both of them were lovely girls and their skin was quite clear.

On this evening, Scott along with his friend were waiting for the girls to get ready. The television was on but they then heard the girls talking in the other room. This is where things get weird, what seemed like a heated argument started to happen between them. They even moved into another room.

Scott said, “We’re waiting around for them, They’re sitting behind us talking. We’re not thinking anything about it then they got into a little bit of an argument. All of a sudden, it just got really loud,” he said. “Right as we were thinking about getting up and investigating, we heard their language switch over.”

Scott also noted there were sounds coming from the room they were in. They sounded like high crackling pitches. 

“What we heard was something out of a Star Wars movie,” Scott said. “If it was a language, which I’m sure it was because they were speaking to each other, it sounded like insects or something.” 

“At that time my friend and I had both gone into shock,” he said. “Our bodies just shut down. I’m not sure how much time went by but I remember getting myself together and walking out on the balcony. I just stood there and I just couldn’t think. I was still in shock. I was just trying to catch my breath.” “I feel I ran into some people from another planet,” he said.

“Although Scott’s friend still won’t discuss the incident with anyone but him, they’re both convinced the sisters were the “Nordics” of UFO lore. UFO researchers claim the Nordics – called such because of their resemblance to Scandinavians – are an alien race that looks similar to average humans, but are slightly taller, in excellent physical condition, with pale skin, blue eyes and blonde hair.”

“There’s no doubt in my mind that those girls were from a different planet,” Scott said. “It was a life-altering thing.”

(Source: From The Shadows)

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