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Nazca lines around the world

Our world is filled with unknown explanations, this is another discovery which has some scientists perplexed. Over 50 geoglyphs of different sizes have been discovered across the northern part of Kazakhstan located in the central part of Asia. The structures are made up of earth...

Boris Kipriyanovich

The boy from Mars

Some people feel they are unusual and don’t seem to fit into the mainstream of society. There is a reason for this, perhaps there is something much deeper than meets the eye. A rather unusual boy from the town of Zhirinovsk, Russia located in the...

Mary Celeste

Mystery of the Mary Celeste

It is one of the strangest occurrences which has baffled people for many years. The year was 1864, a ship referred to as the Mary Celeste left port in Bermuda September 14th. Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes author and physician) originates the name...

SS Cotopaxi boat

Lost ship found in Bermuda Triangle

This area of the world has left many people both lost and guessing what happened to travelers passing through it. Known as The Bermuda Triangle, a region located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. Many ships and aircraft over time have mysteriously...