Don’t believe in Guardian Angels? Watch this

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Some call it luck, while others call it divine intervention. Seen in this video compilation (which focuses on automotive accidents) people’s lives are nearly cut short. However, something seemingly urges them to move in a specific direction, right at the very last moment. Many of these are jaw dropping, as rational logic cannot seem to explain these incidents.

cab driver crash people side of hill

Perhaps even, the people driving these vehicles were subtlety steered in a certain direction ever so slightly. Most, if not all of these people, should have died. Each of us, are believed to have a guardian angel watching over us. It cannot be pure luck, that happens sometimes. The odds just aren’t there.

For whatever specific reasons, these folks were not meant to die upon these days. Another plan and direction was mapped out of them to follow. There is a saying, we are all like actors and everyone is playing their part.

Those who are deeply religious, believe that we are God’s children. They made us in their likeness. We are all different shapes, sizes and colors…yet all of us are simply connected somehow and some way. We were meant to be here for a specific reason, sometimes we think about it, but we ultimately do not know. Everyone has regrets and feels like they could have done some things differently in their life.

Some feel that even lost loved ones, can come back to Earth and intervene in our lives, watching over us as guardian spirits of some kind. Likewise, even pets can come back to ward off something that would have otherwise done us harm.

boulder near car

Most of the comments about this video, seem to be positive thinking that God or some kind of guardian angel intervened. There are nearly 1.3 million people who die on the road each year. This results in about 3,287 deaths each and every day.

There are an additional 20-50 million people each year who are either injured or disabled after being in a car accident. Statistically, more than half of all the road deaths happen, between the ages of 15-44 years old for both sexes.

baby nearly hit

In the United States as an example, every day there are 28 people who die in a motor vehicle accident involving the driver being alcohol-impaired. This results in 1 death every 51 minutes. With insurance and other costs associated with these accidents, it costs $44 billion dollars a year in expenses.

That being mentioned, people are priceless and you can never replace even a single person. We are all unique and are supposed to be here for some kind of reason. Stay safe folks.

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