Are Black-Eyed Kids Really From Outer Space?

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What we know of outer space is it reaches far beyond Earth and due to limitations we can only assume there is more out there. This vast expanse exists beyond our very world and between celestial bodies. What if there was a humanoid type species that resembled us only with darkened eyes and appear to be like children to us?

There have been different theories about black-eyed children. Some think they are more demonic by nature, while others believe they may be something else entirely. They remain quite mysterious to humans as they appear to resemble us sort of. 

Typically, these black-eyed kids appear at the doorstep of people’s homes. They often seem to appear out of nowhere, sometimes during the day but mostly at night.

When they arrive they ask to be let inside. It is unclear if they are there to observe people or to overpower them. Unsuspecting people will let them inside their home only to regret it later. 

Black Eyed Children

To best describe them, they appear to be children between the ages of 6 and 16. Their skin appear to be rather pale and their eyes are the black of night. When someone attempts to make conversation with a BEK, they respond with a monotonous tone and/or giggle back at them creepily. 

At this point, black-eyed children have become part of urban legend. No real proof has been recorded yet. However, many stories about them seem to date back to the very first encounter.

It happened back during the spring or summer of 1996 in Abilene, Texas. Someone posted their encounter on a forum online back in 1998. After this, more people have since commented about their experiences with the BEK.

It is believed that BEK have been around even longer dating back to the early 1980’s. It is unknown exactly the provokes these BEK. They seem to be reaching out for understanding.

This only further fuels the theory that they are from around world entirely. Perhaps they are here to observe us by mimicking what we do. For whatever reason they have assumed the appearance of children. Perhaps to appear less threatening to people in general. 

Brian Bethel is believed to be one of the first people to encounter a BEK. It happened while he was in front of a movie theater. He parked his car and went to pay a bill for his internet provider.

It was assumed to have taken place at night. Brian was inside of his car when he heard a knock at his driver’s side window. He glanced over to see what appeared to be two boys between the ages of 9 and 12. They both were wearing hoodies.

Brian said, “I was immediately gripped by an incomprehensible, soul-wracking fear. I had no idea why.” 

These black-eyed kids then asked him to give them a ride. They wanted money to see a movie at the theater. Persistent and awkward they kept pestering him. He had no reason to be frightened of these two “boys” but he felt a real sense of dread about what was happening.

Brian posted the following: 

“They were just two little kids…they didn’t have a gun or anything. The last part was a bit unnerving. In the short time I had broken the gaze of the spokesman, something had changed, and my mind exploded in a vortex of all-consuming terror. Both boys stared at me with coal-black eyes. Soulless orbs like two great swathes of starless night.

I full-on freaked out inside while trying to appear completely sane and calm. I made whatever excuses came to mind, all of them designed to get me the hell out of there. I wrapped my hand around the gearshift, threw the car into reverse, and began to roll up the window, apologizing all the while.

My fear must have been evident. The boy in the back wore a look of confusion. The spokesman banged sharply on the window as I rolled it up. His words, full of anger, echo in my mind even today: “We can’t come in unless you tell us it’s okay. Let us in!”

I drove out of the parking lot in blind fear, and I’m surprised I didn’t sideswipe a car or two along the way. I stole a quick look in my rear view mirror before peeling out into the night. The boys were gone. Even if they had run, I don’t believe there was any place they could have hidden from view that quickly.” 

Anything and everything about BEK is mere speculation at this point. They are a mysterious paranormal type encounter. If they are real, then likely someone will capture evidence of them. Until then, they are more of an urban type legend to behold.

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