Man Shot After Being Mistaken For Bigfoot

It happened recently, as a man was out in the woods target practicing with his gun. While he was out there practicing his aim, he was mistaken for Bigfoot it seems. Someone driving a black Ford F-150, fired at him on 12/18/18.

The man who was shot, couldn’t recall whom he spoke with, yet the victim did manage to see the shooters vehicle from the distance. It is unclear how badly he was wounded, but it must have been enough for him to pass out from blood loss after a while

According to the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office, the shot man was forced to take cover after shots were fired over where he was at. When the shots stopped, the man then approached the shooter to get an explanation about what happened.

He met up face to face with the shooter and this is what he said, “I was out hunting Bigfoot.”

Man shot after being mistaken for Bigfoot

This same man (who was shot) explained that he wasn’t Bigfoot obviously. After this, the shooter said he should be wearing blaze orange hunting gear for his own safety.

This reaction was quite unusual, for something so serious by nature. It seemed like a non-emotional approach to something that’s extremely serious,” said Leo Dutton, the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff.

The police later checked the surrounding area and didn’t find any signs of a vehicle. The man who was shot, didn’t want to press any charges miraculously. Police are still searching for leads regarding this peculiar situation.

From what is known, the man wounded is from the Helena, Montana area. People who wander the woodlands, can sometimes find themselves in sudden danger…whether it be by nature or mankind.

This time, it seems two men were lucky nothing more happened to them on this day. The next time they go hunting, they might look back over their shoulder for a real Bigfoot creature.

(Source: KULR 8 NBC)

Shocking Sex With Bigfoot Movie Stars School Board Candidate

There have been many movies made relating to the fabled footed Bigfoot. Some of them are downright interesting, while others not so much. Most people know of Bigfoot, this humanoid ape-like beast walks upright and typically leaves behind large sized footprints. They are elusive, yet many videos allegedly have captured evidence of their existence. Communities seek to conquer the truth by hunting down Bigfoot seeking to find the truth.

Mostly, Bigfoot wanders through the wilderness living among other creatures from nature. The next time you hear a rustle in the woods, it might be something else. Folklore beliefs point to the Bigfoot being a protector of humanity, spectating from a distance. Some believe, they are actually from another planet altogether and were brought here to regulate the world by some shape, way or form.

Edward X. Young as Dr. Laurence Corman

The premise of a film like this is an eye-opener. It is a bizarre attention grabbing title. The film apparently stars Edward X. Young as Dr. Laurence Corman. Young is a Brick school board candidate living in New Jersey. People certainly will be left scratching their heads over this one.

The basic story line about this movie, is Bigfoot breeding with people. This movie showcases Edward X. Young who is currently running for three different seats on the Brick Board of Education next Tuesday.

As a candidate, he is getting attention for this. Perhaps even, this was part of his master plan. Edward is behind the idea and production of this film and didn’t stop until the movie was actually made. This soon-to-be-released production will be titled and released as “Bigfoot: Blood Trap” directed by John Orrichio. Certainly Young is generating ultra-high controversy for his candidacy from this film. Young is one of six different candidates running during the election.

Sex With Bigfoot Bigfoot Blood Trap

The controversy surrounding him is from the film’s violent sexual content. Some think that Young should not “be in a position of making decisions that affect school children.” In the film, Young portrays a cryptozoologist named Dr. Corman. The opening sequence, shows his family being slaughtered by a Bigfoot. This happened after his wife killed a young Bigfoot (Littlefoot) earlier on.

Edward X. Young Bigfoot

This savage Bigfoot chooses to spare Corman’s life so it can continue to torment him. The movie is cringe worthy no doubt. Claude Brodesser-Akner from NJ Advance Media for attempted to contact Young but his voicemail was not accepting any more messages.

However, during an interview with NJ Advance Media, director John Orrichio stated that international distributors wanted the opened part of the film to include either a killing or a lesbian sex scene, so it would be more appealing to foreign audiences.

Orrichio said, “Let’s do a killing in a lesbian scene.” Seen during the film, are two heavily-tattooed women featured in their own erotic forest encounter. There are more strangely seen moments within the film that will leave audiences flabbergasted. Director Orrichio insisted that this film is just another horror film and not some kind of porn film. It is up for the audience to decide if they are brave enough to watch this low budget production. It is weird and that is what might make it stand out. Whether or not this film brings down Young’s chances for election, is another story altogether.

(Source: NJ)

Bigfoot: Blood Trap Trailer from John Orrichio on Vimeo.

Questionable Bigfoot Footage Still Stumps Viewers

Stunning footage was released back on January 27, 2014. This video seems to show a Bigfoot wandering off into the woods. The family seems caught off guard, as they talk amongst themselves. The location where this incident allegedly happened, was in the outskirts of Calgary.

One would think…someone else may have stumbled into this Bigfoot, as the population of Calgary is nearly at 1.3 million people.

Like any footage such as this (showing a Bigfoot) it remains quite questionable. This time however, the image is a bit more clear. Details can be seen in the distance, as a furry humanoid type creature can be seen wandering around along the Elbow River. Where the family was is in question. Surely there were more people out during this day. Is this location near a town or is it further away from society?

Bigfoot Calgary Canada 2014 Sighting

The Bigfoot seen, appears to suddenly stand up and heads back into the wilderness. Some viewers comments were most interesting. In particular, why was one little girl saying, “That is not a human.” She wasn’t provoked to say this, but perhaps she was instructed to say so? This adds doubt to the video being legitimate.

This does not appear to be a bear, it seems to move differently. The way it stands up and appears to be “walking” is quite interesting. Whatever it actually is, this beast certainly has a thickness to it.

The humanoid also seems to have long arms, along with a dense fur cone-head, typically seen in drawings of Bigfoot. When the Bigfoot begins wandering off into the forest, it seems to move much like humans do. It doesn’t appear to move like a gorilla for example.

Bigfoot Calgary Canada 2014

Many are contemplating whether or not this may be the real deal after all. This video is one of the most impressive Bigfoot videos floating around the internet.

The father clearly can be heard whispering in amazement “Wow..”. It really is something to see, Bigfoot is believed to be a protector of mankind. Some think this beast is alien by nature and even has been around before humans have.

Someone commented, “One would hope that adults would not use their children In hoaxing videos. If this is real then well done.”

When the camera pans up, the video seems to stabilize. One can only assume some kind of app was used on their phone as they recorded this. Overall, the family seems pretty calm considering what they were witnessing. This is no doubt one of the most controversial Bigfoot videos out there.

Bigfoot Recorded Tossing Tree In The Wild

Seen in this controversial video sent by Matt D., appears to be a Bigfoot tossing a tree in the Canadian wilderness. The video dates back to 2015, when a clip was sent to the ThinkerThunker YouTube channel. It was recorded by constructions workers on their job site. The man from ThinkerThunker spends many hours, analyzing clips of questionable videos – that range in quality and subject matter.

He also has a degree in computer science and was a trainer for a number of years. By trade, he is a professional artist and photographer. His studies in both 2D and 3D animation, give him the edge while looking at such videos.

Bigfoot Recorded Tossing Tree In The Wild

During his analysis of this particular Bigfoot video, the conclusion is quite questionable. Perhaps this is real evidence of the all elusive creature. Using CGI software, he was able to stabilize and further enhance this incredible footage seen.

The sheer strength and size this Bigfoot would have to be, would be amazing indeed. With such power…this Bigfoot was able to toss a tree (after being pulled out from the ground) from a distance and toss it with mere ease.

Many things have to be looked at, while watching a video such as this. Some of these things include the sheer body ratios, size and speed of movements. Even just the slightest motion, would make things difficult to prove.

Bigfoot Tossing Tree In The Wild

If this video is nothing more than a man out in the wild wearing a gorilla suit, then they have superhuman strength being able to hurl this tree across the wild. All of this is quite strange, it would seem that something such as this simply couldn’t exist. Some thought provoking comments were made about this clip.

One person said, “I’ve seen a bear have trouble pushing a young sapling down. I’ve heard many trees go down now. The last time was less than a month ago. My friend was trying to lead me to another area to show me a print he had left for me (About fourteen inches). I’ve only found a couple of trees that they’ve pushed down.

One of them was about 15 inches at the base. He may have had help though. It happened ten minutes after midnight and I was in my tent. He was just letting me know that I had found them. They had moved because of logging. They are benevolent, telepathic, mysterious highly intelligent and highly evolved beings.

I’m not the only one. We have secret groups where we show our evidence and share our experiences. Most of it the public would scoff at, so there is a lot of evidence the public doesn’t even get to see. They, meaning the forest people, want you to know. But humans are less evolved and full of fear. Fear makes us dangerous, so they are very cautious. Rightly so.

Another person said, “This is in no way a 12 foot tree. I run 10 foot sticks of 1/2″ conduit all the time in the field as an electrician for many years. Once you are used to knowing what 10 foot looks like you can guesstimate just how long something is based on its distance. That tree is over 20 foot long easy. and way more than 5″ in diameter. I would guess that tree is more likely 8 or 9″ in diameter. So what is the distance and weight of it now? That has to be incredible.”

The thought that this could be real is quite intriguing. There is much that we don’t understand and some areas of the world still remain hidden away from the masses. Perhaps one day a crystal clear video will be recorded showing an actual Bigfoot for all to see. It will be one of mankind’s greatest achievements and changes history itself.

Peculiar Photograph Seems To Show Bigfoot

Recently, a conference was held in Dulce, New Mexico. This location is filled with UFO believers and the like. Now, this place is known as a paranormal meeting place in the United States. Here a number of gatherers, discussed information about a photograph. This photograph, seems to show an actual Bigfoot…mistakenly caught during a camera pose in the wilderness.

Bigfoot Photograph Colorado

The photo was taken in Colorado about 13 years ago. It is one of the more interesting Bigfoot photos, to come along throughout the years. It was brought to the conference by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

When shared, the photograph garnered much attention from those who attended the conference. The man from Pagosa Springs (who brought the photograph) said he went out on a horse camping trip. It was near Square Top Mountain, in the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests located west of Denver, Colorado.

He went on to say, the night before the photo was taken, he recalled hearing a rather strange sound during a storm. He best described it as “loud snoring”. At first, he believed it was coming from someone else with him in another tent. After realizing it wasn’t, he heard sounds coming from outside. It was there where he could see large shadows moving about around the location that was lit up.

This man went on to say, that the photograph seen was taken on the very next morning. He was trying to get an image of one of the pack guides with them. He did not recall seeing anything unusual from his memory.

Strange Bigfoot Photograph Colorado

When the film was developed, there appeared to be figure standing in the far background, which resembles what most of us commonly think of as a classic styled “Bigfoot” creature. “You could see the daylight between its legs” he said, which was estimated to be some 50 yards from the camera.

Some local thoughts about this photograph, include parts of New Mexico, having a history of Bigfoot encounters. The Native people here (known as Jicarilla Apache) are nationally recognized as well. They are believed to be descendants from the members of the Jicarilla Apache Nation, currently living in New Mexico who speak a Southern Athabaskan type language.

During the Dulce Underground Base Conference held between June 23-24, featured locals along with national researchers, examined all the evidence around Dulce regarding the unexplainable. Disturbingly, animal mutilations and more have been discovered. These mysterious series of events, have led people to various different conclusions.

The Natives recognize and have heard about the infamous Bigfoot creature. They have heard and have passed down stories of a hairy beast lurking within the woods, in different places. Whether or not this is an actual Bigfoot seen, is up for interpretation.

(Source: Coast to Coast AM)