Old Photograph Shows Civil War Soldiers Posing With Dead Pterosaur

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There are two photographs that exist showing Civil War soldiers, posing with a dead Pterosaur dinosaur. Both of them are interesting but only one is believed to be real. The other was faked for the FreakyLinks television show, back during 2000-2001. The one in question, appears to show six different soldiers carrying rifles.

Image: livepterosaur.com

This photograph would have been taken sometime between 1861 to 1865. This was the time in history, when war broke out between the North (Union) and the South (Confederacy).

Certainly anyone with enough technical know-how, could create such a photograph and make it look believable. However, the same is not true about what was written in many history books. But what really do we know for sure really happened? Much of what was documented is likely not true.

Image: livepterosaur.com

The dead Pterosaur seen in this photograph, appears to have been gunned down. This is a incredible feat itself considering the guns used back in those times. The round would have traveled lopsided and wasn’t perfectly accurate like today’s ammunition.

From what is understood, Pterosaurs were the earliest known vertebrates which used a powered flight method, when taking to the air. They used their incredibly large sized wings made of membrane, muscle and other type of tissues. These dinosaurs, were able to stretch out their large wings, giving them quite a long wingspan. Their wing skin, stretched down from their extended long fourth finger, down towards their ankles.

Their very name, means Ptero (Winged) Saurs (Lizard) in Greek. The Pterodactyl, was the first species of dinosaurs discovered by humans back in the 1784. Since then, many more of these have been discovered around various parts of the world. Some think that the Thunderbird Legend, is a Pterosaur type creature flying through the skies of North America.

No doubt, these creatures were strong and able to lift an adult sized man into the sky with easy. Whether or not these soldiers actually killed one is unknown but it hasn’t been ruled out yet either. Any kind of dinosaur would be dangerous to cross paths with.

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