Unknown Creature Chases Car In Russia, Some Think It’s Bigfoot

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Whatever it may well be, video footage was taken in Russia showing a large bipedal beast. The video dates back to the summer of 2016, according to various sources.

However, this is one uniquely built creature. Unfortunately, the video quality is rather poor, making it much more difficult to authenticate. This isn’t the first time a Bigfoot has been filmed in Russia, there have been other alleged recordings as well.

Creature believed to be Bigfoot in Russia

The video has once again captured the attention of social media among other sites around the web. As seen, video appears to shake around quite a bit and the grainy quality is quite poor. When videos come along like these, it is easy to doubt them. Nobody has managed yet to record crystal clear footage of Bigfoot yet. 

During the playback of this video, the large furry looking humanoid creature appears to be chasing after them. They attempt to get away from whatever this was. Certainly, it could be someone dressed up in some kind of gorilla suit but maybe not keeping an open mind about it.

This Bigfoot-like creature seems massive in size, its wide stance can be seen in the video. It’s furry body seems to be black colored. The video was recorded by three girls, it is unknown how old they were or the man who was with them heard screaming in terror. Is this some kind of prank or did these folks come across something really different?

A report was made by a Russian media site known as GRTK. One person representing the site named Igor Burtsev (from the Moscow office of the International Center for Homology) is convinced this video is legit. 

They added, “This, I think, is the second such case in the world,” he said. “So convincing. Because it is clear that this creature is running. Moreover, when we studied the freeze frames, I saw a bulge there at one turn – this is a woman’s chest. Do you understand? This is a female.”

“When we went to the forest, we saw broken branches. Yesterday we were there. And completely fresh creases. In local terms – this is shurale, and in Russian – it is called a goblin, and in a scientific way – a hominoid. Well, before, yetis, the Bigfoot, were very actively called, but these are all the names of the same creature.”

It is unknown exactly where the video was taken, but it seems to be in a remote location somewhere. Perhaps someone else witnessed this strange sighting as well but they haven’t come forward yet about this. 

(Source: Unexplained Mysteries)

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