Pennsylvania Trail Camera Captures Snapshot Of Bigfoot

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There isn’t much information about this, yet what is known about the photo is Bigfoot was allegedly recorded by a trail camera setup in the northwestern part of Pennsylvania. What resembles a tall dark hairy beast, can be seen in the single photograph. 

The occurrence happened this year in 2019. The exact location wasn’t disclosed. The alleged Bigfoot seemed to happen by this camera randomly. It almost looks like a selfie shot taken. Something like this is difficult to believe but shouldn’t be dismissed immediately yet either.

From what the man said, he noticed someone or something was chasing him in the forest. It seemed as if this thing had been following him around for a while.

He admitted that a dark silhouette appeared on the hills. This thing was hiding behind the trees and rocks there. He was certainly surprised by this and was frightened by it. 

He wanted to find out who this was, so the man setup several trail cameras around in the woods. These type of cameras, record pictures when movement occurs around them.

Trap Catches Bigfoot On Camera

Remarkably, one of these cameras picked up this image. Many are wondering if this photo is that of a real Bigfoot. Curiously, the Bigfoot creature seems to notice the camera and likely wandered away afterward. 

It is ashamed that no video was taken or any other camera angles were not captured either. The photo does show a dark fury creature of some kind. It does seem to have ape-like features. Unless this was an escaped zoo animal, then speculations of Bigfoot are the only explanation other than someone dressed up in some kind of costume.

Whoever this photograph belongs to, should post more information about it. The only thing known is someone with the username u/zenona_motyl from Reddit posted this. Many Bigfoot hunters and cryptozoologists have since gone ape over this photo. Some think this really is the infamous Bigfoot creature. 

In North America alone, there have been numerous sightings each and every year. While there are many fake things presented some of them are questionable. This photograph appears to be questionable as well. Maybe someone out there knows more as many want to know about this photograph.

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