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Masked Clown Freaks From The Ukraine, Prank People In The Streets

Dressed as the character Pennywise the clown, a few costumed pranksters are out of control scaring people as they aimlessly pass by alongside the street. Video has been shared online on social media showing what they are doing. Some think this is funny, while others not so much. Authorities are now attempting to track down

Unsettling Dark Figure Recorded In Tennessee Forest

Since the video was posted by James Jones on YouTube, people have since wondered what this figure might be. Is this some kind of paranormal type entity such as a demon? Perhaps it is a forest protector of sorts rarely ever seen. Most people think this is nothing more than a fallen tree, that resembles

Father And Son Witness “Boogeyman” At Their New Home

After moving to the United Kingdom, several family members experienced a frightening night. It seems after moving to a new place, they began to experience an unknown force in the house. The 40 year old father, went on to explain that he was skeptical about the paranormal until now. Only his son watched also as

The Bizarre Bloodthirsty Dolls Of The Indonesian Jungle

These beings are known as ‘The Jenglot’. They are small-sized doll-like figures, believed to be a supernatural type creature. These are known to many as something like a hoax. However, others believe they are real and are something to not be reckoned with.  They come across as rather bizarre looking creatures. These figures are thought