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Trucker Witnesses Seven Foot Tall Humanoid With Wings Near Airport

While one trucker was standing not far from a cargo dock located at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, they witnessed what resembled a seven-foot-tall “person with wings” just outside of a fence by the parking lot. This incident took place back on November 26th at 6:30 pm. The report was handled by Manuel Navarette from

Remains Of An Evil Spirit Known As “Tikoloshe” Were Found In South Africa

These small-sized sinister creatures, are believed to be miniature demons by many people. One tourist happened to find remains, that were considered to be that of a “Tikoloshe”. In Zulu/Xhosa mythology, these creatures are described as dwarven water sprites. They are considered to be evil.  From what is understood, these fiends are able to turn

A Large Alien Bird Terrified Australia Back In 1927

While many were skeptical of this, a report was made about this cryptozoological creature back in 1927. Many reports such as these are difficult to believe, but are equally fascinating. In nature, mutation sometimes happens but this would be an extreme example of it.  Located in a town known as Fernvale, Australia an unexplained event

Mexican Man Recalls Crossing Paths With A Mutant “Frog Man”

Reflecting back upon his life, a man from Mexico recalls a strange incident that happened to him back when he was only 13 years old. The location was in Durango, where different things have been reported about. Some of them are quite literally from out of this world. This anonymous man said this area has