Unidentified Creature Remains Wash Up At Monkey Island Beach Shore

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The location is in South Carolina, where one person discovered (along with their dog) the remains of an unidentified creature. It is unknown exactly what this is. Some are thinking these remains are part of some kind of experiment gone wrong. 

unknown animal remains

From what is understood, scientists from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, have previously used monkeys in their different experiments. Could this be some kind of rejected mistake? Questions remain, such as how this corpse even got here?

Like many places under top-secret, it is forbidden for people to enter this beach area without being in trouble. Obviously, whoever uploaded this video, has remained unidentified for legal reasons. While this location is officially closed to the public, many have wondered what exactly is going on here.

Locals who live here, do not swim in this area and wonder what exactly is happening here as it continues to remain a real mystery. This property is considered federal territory and those who trespass here could be fined. 

Conspiracy theorists ponder whether or not this is part of a bigger picture and if human and animal experimentation’s continue to take place on these premises. 

While information about this is limited, the woman who stumbled upon this was out walking her dog one day and came upon these remains. The animal allegedly just washed ashore on that day. Certainly someone could have simply left the remains here as a joke to stir up trouble but this is all theory for now.

The woman’s name which was given is Erika Constantine, who found these remains. Comments about this discovery include this being some sort of seal or merely a hoax which was created for attention. Erika along with her dog named “River” were visiting near Charleston at Sunrise Park when they came across this disturbing discovery. Her dog ran off quickly to investigate after tracking the scent of these remains.

“It was the size of a small dog but the structure of the whole thing suggests it’s definitely not a dog,” Erika commented, “I have lived here for about five years and I have never come across something like this. Technically, this island is called Morgan Island, but everyone calls it Monkey Island. There are no people on it and there are only monkeys that were previously experimented in a medical laboratory. Probably one of these animals accidentally fell into the water and was brought over here.”

(Source: Anomalien)

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