Remains Of An Evil Spirit Known As “Tikoloshe” Were Found In South Africa

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These small-sized sinister creatures, are believed to be miniature demons by many people. One tourist happened to find remains, that were considered to be that of a “Tikoloshe”. In Zulu/Xhosa mythology, these creatures are described as dwarven water sprites. They are considered to be evil. 

From what is understood, these fiends are able to turn themselves invisible by drinking pure water. Superstitions say that these little demon-like entities, are called upon to wreak havoc on those who stand in someone’s way. 

Tokoloshe Discovery South Africa

The tourist who found these remains was just outside of Plettenberg Bay. Their find reached newspapers around the world. A German newspaper referred to the Tikoloshe as a half-ape, half-man abomination. Many others wondered whether or not this thing was from outer space. 

Some areas around the world are more superstitious than others in their cultural beliefs. People living in South Africa likely have heard about the Tokoloshe. They are typically sent to cause both pain and disruption.

These troublesome creatures, are apparently summoned using powerful muti. They aren’t able to climb very high so avoid them might not be but so difficult. The Tikoloshe have been blamed for shutting down church services, causing people sickness and overall causing troubles to people. 

They could be compared to that of a gremlin. These small-sized creatures, are believed to influence people causing them to kill others. Serial killers have been said to be controlled by forces such as these.  

Often seen as servants summoned to do the bidding of pissed off witch doctors, the Tokoloshe have become something of a mascot for South Africa in the way that Bigfoot has been adopted by North America. They are a part of folklore here and are taken seriously by many. 

The physical remains that were photographed were likely taken away. Whether or not this was a real specimen is unknown. However, the photo does appear to show something strange that looked like it had been rotting for a while. Many it was the Tikoloshe or something else quite bizarre. Certainly, the possibility exists that this was all fabricated, but it did pique people’s curiosity. 

(Source: City Press and Week In Weird)

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