Trucker Witnesses Seven Foot Tall Humanoid With Wings Near Airport

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While one trucker was standing not far from a cargo dock located at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, they witnessed what resembled a seven-foot-tall “person with wings” just outside of a fence by the parking lot. This incident took place back on November 26th at 6:30 pm. The report was handled by Manuel Navarette from UFO Clearinghouse.

This anonymous man said, “I was at the airport picking up a load at Nippon [Cargo Airlines], I was already backed into a dock and was standing away from the truck smoking a cigarette while they loaded my truck. 

I was looking toward the runways, in the direction of the tunnel and that is when I noticed something that looked like a large bird standing just outside of the fence by the parking lot. It was not hard to miss because two street lamps were nearby. It looked like a person with wings that were stretched out and flapping. It was walking away from the fence toward the open field and then began to flap its wings and disappeared.”

Manuel Navarette continued to speak with this man over the telephone who said, “[He] was standing away from his truck as it was being loaded, smoking a cigarette, when he said he caught movement out of the corner of his eye and saw the being standing near the parking lot [that] was illuminated by two street lamps. 

The witness stated that the creature was about seven feet tall using the fence as a point of reference,” Navarette explained. “When I asked him how he was able to be so certain as to the height of this being, the driver stated he has been to this location multiple times and he estimates the fence to be about eight feet high. Using the fence he was certain that the being was at least seven feet tall. When I ask him how large the wings were, he said at least six feet across and black.”

Manuel added, “When I asked him to describe the being he said it looked like a demonio (demon) or a duende (goblin) and was solid black. The witness said he saw nothing that looked like eyes and he assumed the creature might have had his back turned to him. He stated that it walked with a gait like a bird and that it was flapping its wings as it walked toward the large field that is by the runways, and disappeared into the night.”

It is unknown what exactly this thing might have been, but it certainly wasn’t human by its appearance. Some suspect it is eerily similar to the moth man sightings. Perhaps this thing could have been or something else unusual. 

(Source: Singular Fortean Society)

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